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  1. Thanks man, I am living outside of United States. I had purchased online 1TB of WD Blue HDD and waiting to get my parcel during these social distancing period. It is always make me so envy to see the PC parts in the states are cheaper than other country. Lol...
  2. Thanks for the advice, this is what show up after installed the software. Means the HDD almost time up?
  3. Hi, Yesterday was tinkering around with my build that I just done it few days ago, I try ask help but it seems no solution for my case. But I realize that my 5 year old HDD have a significant slow writing and read speed with around 800kbps and sometimes might have weird sound, it is a piece from my Lenovo Y410P that died out on me. The HDD act as the mass storage for me, most of the game I installed there as I only have 128GB SSD which is the boot drive. My game is stuttering all the time when I tried to play Apex Legends and CoD Warzone. When I plug off the HDD SATA from the MoBo, I realize my Windows 10 boot up extremely fast compared to the HDD are plugged on but I don't have games on my boot drive, so I can't try will the game stutter or not. Windows trying to fix the HDD few times during the boot up screen
  4. Hi there, I had done my build since few days ago. Download the games and everything I needed, and having high hopes for gaming, then I face issue everyday. Below is the spec I take from the topic that I started at the Building & Planning thread: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 stock cooler with fan speed at max all the time MoBo: AsRock B450M Pro4 official website BIOS 3.90, all the driver installed properly. GPU: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6G(updated driver to the latest) RAM: Avexir Core2 16GB kit 2x8GB( XMP 2.0 3200mhz) SSD: Salvage from my laptop, Transcend 120GB SATA 2.5" HDD: Salvage from my laptop, Samsung Momentus 5400rpm 1TB Monitor: ACER KG241QA 23.6" Case + CM MWE 500w + RGB Fan + Artic MX4 After few tries of just taking the SSD which previously are running on laptop with Windows 10 on it to run on the new rig, facing couple of issue and decide to fresh install the Windows, format the SSD and installed a fresh Windows on it and activated. Issues that I am facing: Even I am setting Low setting in Apex Legends, after gaming for a few minutes then it will either stuck or jam or force close, followed all the repair and fixing guide at EA sites won't help at all. Even the game takes extra long time load compare with the games at Steam and BattleNet which I installed on the slow 1TB HDD, in short I can't game the Apex Legends on 1080p which the graphics become horrible and can't render the game properly at all. Boot up time: I can compare the boot up time differ from my laptop, my Lenovo Y410P before died had a i7 4700MQ and 12GB of DDR3 1800mhz RAM. My laptop boot up faster than my new rig even I set the Ultra Fast Boot Up on the BIOS. The comparison of the time being boot up is 15seconds on laptop and new rig takes 30seconds to boot up by using the same SSD. Fixing and Repairing Disk: During few boot up yesterday, as my PC is showing the AsRock logo and a dots are circulating on the bottom of the logo during boot up, I saw those words of writing Repairing Disk D or F. Is it normal? Idle Temp: As I am typing this topic, I am downloading games at BattleNet at the background, and the CPU idle temp is 50deg Celsius. Is it normal? I had replace the thermal compound to Arctic MX4. GPU also consistantly sitting at 50deg Celsius as well. But I am sitting on a 24deg Celsius ambient temp room. Is it normal? Attached report from HWMonitor and CPU-Z. Thanks in advance. hwmonitorw.ini POORDADDY.txt
  5. Hi there, I am new guy here. I had always follow up on new tech stuff but I am very limited to applicable knowledge in PC building. So I had posted a thread on my new rig that will soon setup, I had a activated Windows 10 Pro on the SSD that I previously used for my Lenovo Y410P for boot drive and a 1TB HDD for mass storage. Do I have to reinstall the Windows if I move the SSD to the new rig? I had read numerous articles, some said should or else won't operate normally and some said no need. I know the drivers everything sure need to update. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks man, when you have a very tight budget and not to sacrifice the diapers and milk powder money for up coming months. Lol, that's what I need to dig in and dive in the research before I buy what I can afford.
  7. Alright, weekend stuck up with my kid and away from keyboard usually. The vendor replied me that the cheap 600w PSU and the mATX case that I choose for has out of stock, I ended up with Cooler Master MWE 80+ 500W with RM 185(USD 43). Hopefully all my parts will arrive by this Wednesday which currently the MCO had exhausted the shipping companies. My next question is, should I minor overclock it(CPU + GPU)? I had no experience on it at all, building PC I have no problem.
  8. But I saw many site suggest me go for 470w minimum for the 1660 Super. Any reliable web site that can help calculate how much power needed for a CPU + GPU?
  9. 1st Player DK PS-600AX DK6.0 Full Modular Power Supply (600W, 80 Plus Bronze, 3 Years Warranty), after conversion roughly around USD 45.
  10. Well, I am very bad luck on this as I can't find any online store or local store that available with the 1600AF CPU.
  11. I tried to search the Ryzen 5 2600AF but I can't find it on online store that available in my country. My first intention is go with the R5 1600 AF which proposed by Kyle from Bitwit. Lol... I am very curious at this point. Is the AF model only available in NA?
  12. Hi, I had been follow the Linus' Youtube channel for quite sometimes, just myself as a Youtube subscriber which doesn't post or comment or received any notification and just enjoy the content the time I like or wanted. Lol... It goes like this, I never had a gaming rig and my Lenovo Y410P just died out on me few days ago when I tried to setup it for streaming my mobile gaming session. It had been follow me for more than 7 years. I just play some Overwatch, Diablo 3, CS:GO and DOTA2 and draw some AutoCAD. I had to use external fan to keep it cool though or else the laptop could fry an egg on it during gaming. I had always wanted to build a rig which capable of gaming 1080p, just life is always given you the priority change every single time you wanted to execute your plan wasn't it? And computer parts in Asia is always on a high side pricing compared to EU or NA or AUS. Marriage take up my savings which I plan for a rig. After 2 years and my wife get pregnant and goes again my savings, and in return I get a baby boy. (Level up Mario music~) Last year he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum which have to go speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly. So after you have kids, everything changed. My budget gaming and streaming rig as below: Currencies: RM=Ringgit Malaysia, conversion to USD is RM4.40) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 MoBo: AsRock B450M Pro4 (MoBo + CPU: RM 815 = USD 186) GPU: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6G ( RM 1069 = USD 243) RAM: ADATA XPG 2x8GB 3200mhz (RM 388 = USD 88) Out of stock and I had changed to Avexir Core2 16GB kit 2x8GB. SSD: Salvage from my laptop, Transcend 120GB SATA 2.5" HDD: Salvage from my laptop, Samsung Momentus 5400rpm 1TB Monitor: ACER KG241QA 23.6" (RM 525 = USD 120) Case + CM MWE 500w + RGB Fan + Artic MX4 ( RM 398 = USD 91) For storage, I already plan to upgrade by next quarter to an NVME SSD and a 7200rpm HDD. Purpose of this build is I planned to stream and game in the same time using single PC. Thanks for review and feedback, cheers. Minor update on the PSU and RAM. Attached the build photo without the RAM. Expected to reach on Friday.