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  1. (looking to buy a BM800 condenser mic) First off, sorry if this is the wrong forum page, so i'm looking to buy a microphone to start streaming and to talk to my friends and do some recording for school work, but mostly for talking to friends. But one thing that puzzles me is do i need phantom power really for a condenser? some vidoes say i don't need to if i'm not like "serious" about the recording and some videos say i need pre-amp, some say i can use use a usb audio adapter can someone confirm some of these for me? that would be very helpful and if theres any suggestions for cheap mics under $150 with an arm that would also be very helpful too. (btw i've only been researching for 1 day so i'm lost and confused) Link to mic that i'm look at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Microphone-Kit-Sound-Studio-Suspension-Boom-Arm-SET-BM800-Dynamic-Condenser/231986437397?hash=item3603781d15:g:JmAAAOSwbsddchDr&frcectupt=true
  2. Anyone know how to overclock an amd r5 3600 without bios, had a bad experience when using bios, got the did not start up properly error. if there isn't could someone send a link to a video they watched or a guide they used or something like that. Thank u
  3. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU + Gigabyte B450 AORUS Elite ATX Motherboard + Seagate ST1000DM010 1TB BarraCuda 3.5" SATA3 Desktop Hard Drive+Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 RGB Black ATX Case, T/G Window, No PSU+ G.Skill Value 8GB (1x 8GB) DDR4 2400MHz Memory or Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 CL14 2400MHz Memory Black.
  4. soz thought it pasted, cpu r5 3600, gpu rtx 2060,motherboard Gigabyte B450 AORUS Elite ATX Motherboard
  5. does it really matter how much watts i get? can anyone suggest a amount of watts that would be recommended?
  6. btw can i use any watt power supply with my pc?
  7. btw can i use any watt power supply with my pc?
  8. o............well my excuse i'm new to the pc world
  9. there any brands you recommend that are budget?
  10. So i want to get this new motherboard "Gigabyte B450 AORUS Elite ATX Motherboard", when i go to check what ram/ memory, as i am new to the pc world... it says supports ecc un-buffered dimm or supports non-ecc un-buffered dimm. As i don't know what this means, all i want to know is if i can use any 16gb of ram (8gbx2) in this motherboard or do i have to get seperate special memory/ram.
  11. does the r5 3600 come with the cpu itself, the cpu case and the cpu cooler?
  12. I currently have a i7 2600k and have a rtx 2060, can anyone suggest a cpu i can upgrade to that will give me 200fps+ on fortnite, r6, csgo etc. if u could also suggest a budget motherboard that would be nice too.
  13. I'm in a budget under $700 aud can anyone suggest a cpu and a mother board that will be budget but will also give me 240 fps plus in fortnite, rainbow six siege, csgo etc. for the other games i play. thankz :P.
  14. i currently have a i7 2600k and i just bought a rtx 2060 and since i have money still i want to buy a new cpu. My budget atm is $600 aud, , i found a bundle for $500 on mwave it was an r5 3600 with a motherboard although is there any other suggestions or should i just buy the r5 bundle???
  15. yeah i know its bottlenecking but i can't spent anymore money atm, i have a new motherboard and cpu on hold in the uk so the only thing i can do is get a new gpu from australian sites or stores.
  16. recently bought a nice cheap second hand pc off my computer guy, its specs are cpu i7 2600k, gpu gtx, 16gb of ram. Now i i'm on a budget and i'm sort of restricted to below $670 aud because of corona. lets say in a normal game of rainbow six i can achieve a constant 100fps+ on lowest graphic settings but i would like to boost the graphic quality to medium, now lets say fortnite my minimum fps is vary between 70-80fps and my max goes a little over 120fps on low graphic settings, on fortnite i want my minimum fps to be atleast a high 90 or no drop below a low 100 like 104fps. i have asked this question many times "what gpu to get and many people have said rx 5600xt or a rtx 2060, i am posting this to clarify the best for me unless there is something way better for me other than these gpus in budget, please stick to whether i should get a rtx 2060 or a rx 5600xt.
  17. My current cpu i7 2600k and my current gpu gtx 760, only does a min of 70-80 fps on fortnite max being 120 fps lowest graphic settings - with my specs running at their max performance, on rainbow six its always a 110 fps constant lowest graphic settings. i've asked on different posts, best gpu to get and i've got mixed responses between the 1660 super and the rtx 2060, now i'm budgeted due to the covid-19 problem, i would just like to clarify which gpu would be the best gpu for me that would give me a min of around 100 fps on fortnite.
  18. would a normal rtx 2060 still be better than a 1660 super?
  19. So i currently have a i7 2600k and a gtx 780, lets say on fortnite in a normal game my min fps is 70- 80 fps and my max is 120-130fps, i would like my min frames to be 90-100 fps+ and on rainbow 6 siege i get a constant 100+ fps max 110fps, i would like to upgrade my gpu, i have asked what gpu i have upgraded to but i get mixed responses, gtx 1660 super and the rtx 2060/ 2060 super. I would like to clarify what would be the best gpu for me.
  20. would a gtx 1660 s have the same preformance as a 2060 s?
  21. well i have a 240hz. don't ask why i have one
  22. so lets say on fortnite, my max frames is 130 and my min frames is about 70-80-ish and on r6 siege i get a constant 100fps+, so i currently have a i7 2600k and gtx 780, is there a gpu that might boost my fortnite fps to a min of 100fps+ and might boost my r6 frames to a constant 130 or 150 fps???