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  1. TLDR but can you wait for Ampere and ryzen 4000?
  2. core i5 10600k it doesn't make sense unless you got extra money to spend, just buy a better gpu. Also get the 3600 over the 3600x since it's the same cpu with a factory overclock.
  3. @JayR Pick your poison. The only ones that aren't straight up closed boxes are partially closed boxes.
  4. @JayR Airflow. Even though the case dampens noise because airflow is bad the case's fans have to spin faster making more noise oh and even then controlling the temps would probably mean undervolting your cpu and or gpu.
  5. @PoopThatTookAPee Thats the problem we don't know how long a 3600 will last vs a 3300. Since your on a super tight budget get a 3300x and call it a day.
  6. I don't think that possible. Os is 100 keyboard is 50 3100 is 100 1650 super is 190 so we have around 160 dollars for the rest of the build.
  7. Case is pretty terrible Getting a 3950x for gaming and streaming is a big waste of 200 dollars. Also for the price of that computer 3.5k I think you can build a 3900x 2080ti full custom loop build.
  8. You gonna overclok? Also a 1 gb ssd doesn't exist. A rtx 2080 is basically a rtx 2070 super for 200 more dollars. Lastly the most you can get out of a 1000 dollar pc is something like a 3600 5700xt build and that is still stretching the budget so there is no way you can put a rtx 2080 unless it's 400ish dollars.
  9. That seems like a waste if you're playing cod you're not really doing anything else so why would you need so much excess ram?
  10. I have a dell inspiron 5570 which has a dual core and intel uhd 620 graphics. I used to run d2 at 30 fps potato settings 720p. Considering that a gtx 470 is around 2 times faster? you'll run 60 max at potato setting in a game that isn't even hard to run if generation increases will be like intel 14nm++++++++++++++. But considering that amd is making leaps and bounds in cpu architecture in a few years 6 cores at 3.6 ghz might be what pentium is now. Also you won't minum spec in new games like Red dead redemption 2 which as minimum you need a gtx 770.
  11. Thats not realistic. 10 years ago daul cores where the thing and now if you try playing with a daul core and a gtx 470 you'll have a meh experience at best. I think it's general considered that you should upgrade every 3-5 years depending on circumstances.
  12. The only thing that the 3600 has going for it is longevity. If you only care about now then no but if you wan't your computer to last quite a bit longer yes.
  13. Well the best would be the 3600 the most value would be the 3300 and the worst of both would be the 3500.