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  1. I mean physically moved the m.2 to the second slot. I ended up taking the whole machine into Canada computers and they determined the mobo was faulty. I sent this one back into MSI to. It should arrive there today. This model has been giving me trouble for basically 3 weeks now.
  2. Hey everyone! Build: Mobo: MSI MPG Pro Carbon Gaming X570 wifi CPU: ryzen 7 3700x GPU: Gigabyte rtx 2070 super Case: fractal meshify c RAM: corsair LPX 3600 PSU: corsair rm750x So I first put this build together a couple of weeks ago. But when I hit the power button, nothing happened. No lights, fans, nothing. I sent the motherboard back to Msi, and just to cover more bases, replaced the power supply. MSI swapped my motherboard so I assume they did find a problem with it. Today I put the pc together again. I put an M.2 SATA drive in the first slot and fired it up. It booted. I changed the ram to 3600mhz because it only recognized it at like... 2700 or something. The M.2 was a drive I used for storage on my last pc. Both BIOs and Windows install didn't recognize there was a drive in... So I searched online and found maybe because its a SATA and the slot was pcie, I'd need to switch the slots. So I did. And didn't touch anything else. And BAM! The computer now didn't post. Fans and lights would start up. But the red cpu debug light was on. Things I've tried so far: Cleared cmos Flashed bios One stick of ram only Lower speed ram stick GPU in a different slot Plugging in another ssd (one that has Windows on it from my last drive.) Reseated the CPU Added the 4 pin power for the cpu (only had the 24 pin and 8 pin the first time when it booted) Any ideas? I'll probably take the whole thing into Canada Computers tomorrow and see if they will take a look at it.