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  1. I just got my new case in the mail a phantoms p300 and I am putting the parts in my new case. I have been stuck on my motherboard not removing from the case and it is driving me insane there is not a single screw that is still in it. It is an around b360 gaming 3 wifi. 61049937427__65D90522-AFF9-46F3-8F11-BEB1353BB4D9.MOV
  2. So I have a aorus b360 gaming 3 wifi and recently had a power outage that was not called for. It happens whenever I shutdown my computer and the lights only go off when I flip the switch on the psu. My psu is the EVGA 650 bq 80+ bronze rated.
  3. Ravendarat I stay in Alberta during the summertime and every year I fly back to Vancouver, But I am still considering canceling the flights
  4. Ok thanks man I will try that I will get back to you gotta download cinebench
  5. So lately my computer, which I built around a year ago is revving the CPU fan up like a car. I question if I am doing something wrong because I have not messed with any of the fan speed settings for anything on my PC. I just need some help I honestly do not know what is causing this issue at the moment, but from now on I will keep trouble shooting until I find a solution. (PC Parts in bio)
  6. So I recently bought a ticket to the LTX 2020 for Saturday august 8th. I am flying in to go see it, but I wonder if it is worth it because of me flying due to the current situation with COVID-19. I get that it is roughly 4 months from now, but what will be going on around the time of the event. Just curious drop your thoughts on if it will be canceled this year.