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  1. Hello! I am looking at a AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 2.30 GHz vs. a Intel Core i7-9750H 2.60 GHz and im wondering if one is better than another Thanks!
  2. That is true but in my case I do travel around a lot and would like to still be able to game while I'm in different locations however I am also considering getting a desktop / upgrading my current one. If I was to get a laptop I would be selling my desktop that I have now.
  3. Hello! I am looking to buy a gaming laptop for somewhere around $1000 and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a laptop that would be better than another. I would like it to be able to run games such as Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow 6 Seige but I understand if there is a need to go higher in price for that kind of performance. Thanks!
  4. Forgot to say that my i3 is a 7350k 4.2 ghz dual core
  5. It’s a i3 7350k 4.2ghz dual core and I would say around $100-300 but I can save up for longer if I need to
  6. Hello! I currently am running a i3 and a 1050ti with 8gb of ddr4 ram and was wondering if I should upgrade my CPU or my graphics card first. I was trying to play escape from tarkov and the frames were a little low and choppy so I was wondering if there was a better way to fix my problem. I would like to keep my budget a little on the lower side but I can expand if I need too. Thanks!