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  1. @Whiro i did not DDU the old drivers but i did install a new bois when i upgraded the cpu. Im not to sure what a DDU is either. but i did a little digging around w my graphics settings and realized when RTX is turned on is when i get the really low usage vs when its off it got up to 60% usage.
  2. yes I have, and i turned on the game boost mode too i believe
  3. Hi, I'm new in to the gaming PC and i've recently upgraded my GPU and CPU. I've been been having and issue where my GPU in the task manager will not go above 15-20% usage, CPU will stay around 25%, ram will be around 80% playing games like RB 6, MW, or BF 5 therefore getting bad fps on the lowest setting and it doesn't mater if i change the graphics quality it will run poorly. But then i play escape from tarkov and my gpu is using up to 90% and the cpu around 40-50% ram around 80% and the game runs perfect on high settings. The CPU is Ryzen 2700x, 16 gb gskill ram ddr4 2400mhz, and EVGA Rtx 2070 super XC hybrid. would the slower ram be effect the performance of the card? or is there something wrong in the nvidia settings? I'm thoroughly confused if i could get so help it would be amazing!