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  1. You are absolutly right. I will do it like you said. I think that is the best solution for everything. I'm very grateful for your help and I think this "case" is closed. DANKESCHÖN
  2. I just saw that the Input current of the fans is 0.11 A. So 3 A / 0.11 A = 27.27 Fans?
  3. Nice! I will swap the original fans for extra RGB glory. I'm going to use 6 ARGB fans + Case. Do you think the 3A(5V) will be enough for all? Again thank you very much.
  4. Okay, so let me explain it again just for my self. If I want to power all six Fans, I just need to plug them into the fanhub, maybe with a splitter, because there are only four 4-Pin connecters and I have six fans, or four to the hub and two to the mobo. If i want to control the DRGB all via mobo, I have to buy, let's say one 1-to-3 ARGB splittercable and one 1-to-5 ARGB splittercable, because I have six fans + case and plug them in the JRAINBOW1 and JRAINBOW2. This will allow me to controll them via Mobo, of course not completly individualy. Did I understand this correctly? Is there a limit to how much devices I can connect to one JRAINBOW header and one 4-Pin header one the hub/mobo? Dankeschön very much, you are very helpful.
  5. Maybe you should just measure to lengths the cables have to go in your case and compare them with the lengths listed on the manufactures site.
  6. I just looked on their website and most of the cables are 50 cm and longer. All cablekits I viewed had the same lenghts. I can't tell for sure, but they seem pretty long.
  7. Maybe I should say, my goal is to control all of the RGB of the fans and the case through the mobo software, in this case MSI Mystic Light. And don't quite understand how the connectors of the Fans look or how they function, I only know there are two of them. One for Power, I think, and one for the DRGB.
  8. Hallo Freunde and greetings from Germany, I want to buy the Phanteks Evolve X and connect 6 DRGB fans from Alpenföhn. The case has a preinstalled fanhub and I am wondering how to connect all of this. The mobo I'm getting has two JRAINBOW and two JRGB connectors, as I understand the JRAINBOW connecters are for DRGB and the JRGB connecters are for regular non addresable RGB. The preinstalled fanhub, has three 3-PIN connecters and four 4-PIN connecters, the white connecter on the right side connects to the Motherboard. Could someone explain to me how I have to connect everything correct? Do I need a DRG splittercabel and do I have to take the DRGB cabel from the case into consideration? I already looked through the forum and watch videos on Youtube, but nothing helped me really. If you need further details or information I'm sure I'm able to provide more. Mobo: MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI AMD X570 So.AM4 Case: Phanteks Evolve X Fans (x2): EKL Alpenföhn 140mm Wing Boost 3 ARGB PWM-Lüfter Thank you in advance Source for the Pictures: https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/mb/E7C37v1.1.pdf http://www.phanteks.com/assets/manuals/PH-ES518XTG.pdf