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  1. Above is what im running if you can help
  2. Yes it is a wifi card and I don't have ethernet so I need it. My motherboard now is just a dell prebuilt from the xps 8930 special edition tower which is what i have so if you wanted to research XPS 8930 Special edition I have the 9700 system with 24gb of ram and a 2060
  3. Hey, so I am considering moving my current system into a new pc and I would likely get a new motherboard and I am looking for advice/suggestions on which motherboard comes with the best features for the price. My network card is m.2 I believe is what the socket is called as well as an m.2 ssd so 2 of those slots would be needed I would also like space for at least 2 graphics cards Also 4 memory slots It is standard Intel lga 1151 socket i believe (i7 9700) Thank you for suggestions
  4. Bless your soul it worked without uninstalling anything
  5. I was on my brothers laptop trying to change his mac address in registry and I deleted the Network folder containing what apparently was useful. I also in the 0002 folder with his driver desc for his wireless adapter created a "NetworkAddress" string and now the internet doesnt work I need help please dont hack me if you can with the information below i dont want to have to make him do a system reinstall Kinda like below which is mine
  6. No I wouldn't have an IO shield, and I don't really see what it does if you could enlighten me that would be great
  7. I am keeping the current one, I only plan to swap the case and power supply
  8. So, I am considering swapping my pre-built xps 8930 special edition tower into a new case, and I failed to find what size case I would need for this swap (atx, itx, etc.) I would also be looking into swapping out the power supply but I have no clue on what cables are required to buy to swap it out, sata, etc. or if they come provided. I would also like to expand storage in it eventually. It is running an i7 9700 RTX 2060 24gb DDR4 2666 ram 1 m.2 ssd 1 Sata hard drive Thank you!