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  1. Is it worth it to replace my RAM 3200MHz C16 with 3600MHz C16 or 3200MHz C14 for Ryzen 3600x ? or do i keep it and overclock the X570 infinity fabric ?? Sad story, the RAM is still new unused, originally i was shopping for 9600KF/Z390 BUT I decided to get Ryzen, I still have time to return it to Newegg but with Corona virus around i don't want to visit UPS office for the return LOOOL!
  2. Is there any reason to get 3600x over 9600kf if both have the same price ? plus Z390 is cheeper than x570, $200 z390 is better than $200 x570 from what i searched for I don't think Hyperthreading (3600x) will be that big of a deal, correct ? Notes: I will use my PC 40% Gaming, the rest just normal stuff, and a very small working on VM (Linux) working on 4K if that matters for CPU 9600KF without cooler not an issue since i'll get a cooler any way (noctua)