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  1. Okay so I've got a driver issue I cannot figure out, I can boot in safe mode on displayport and it works fine and once I use DDU and get rid of the drivers I can load into windows just fine, but once I install new drivers displayport stops working but but HDMI still works. I'm trying to get two monitors to work at once and its not happening. Specs: I5 7600k RTX 2070 Tri Frozr
  2. I've gone through bios updates, grahpics driver updates, I've tried hard restarting my monitor, and different displayport cables to no avail. I took my GPU to my friends house because I thought the displayports were broken but it worked perfectly, I think I've come to the conclusion that the monitors displayport might be the issue because even my integrated graphics connected with displayport doesn't work. When I would boot with the GPU in I would get the windows logo then I would proceed to lose connection. HDMI works perfectly fine with the monitor but not displayport. I'm just wondering if I can finally rule that the monitors displayport is botched or not?