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  1. I have done internet speed tests while connected straight to the modem on a Macintosh, which was the best I could do. No gaming was tested there, should probably do that. I called my ISP and they told me to change some settings involving the selected channels and bandwidth frequencies, though they were already correct on the new router. Their tests all came through perfectly fine. I will have to get Rocket League on the Macintosh to test the issue, since my PC is basically stuck up here. Thanks for the help! Best, Brian
  2. I did not separate the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. Should I do this? I'm assuming you are asking what speeds I pay for. I get 240 down and 11 or so up straight from the modem, via ethernet to a computer. My Network Interface Card is an AC1200 ASUS USB Adapter, and my router is an AC3100, also from ASUS. The router is downstairs through 1 wall, about 60 feet away. Otherwise the surrounding area is open. All 4 antennas are facing this way. There are about 20 clients, including 5 or so Amazon Fire Sticks, though at most 2 will be used at the same time. This issue happens even when I am the only one using the internet, or so it seems. Sometimes it feels less laggy at night, and I've had nights where I can game all night with no issues, while others are a struggle. Haha good one, Plat II as of now. Thanks for the help, Brian
  3. First, let me explain what I have done. My Rocket League ping was always fine but about 3 weeks ago it started to variate. I had Google Wifi, and switched to an ASUS AC3100 to fix the issue. This did not help. My ping varies like hell and it's starting to get to me. Online games are a struggle, but all of my hardware is good. Every internet speed test says my ping is like 10, then when I hop into game it will constantly go from 70 to 110, and back down. Network graphs show a consistent pattern of ping spikes, and I am lost at this point. I am very tech savvy, but now I need help. It can't be a router setting since this has happened with the Google Wifi router as well, unless the setting was incorrect on both routers? I have rebooted and power cycled my router and modem, unplugged and replugged, and I really can't think of anything else. I attached a graph from Rocket League so you can see. Thank you for any help. Best, Brian