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  1. Yeah, it would be nice to have multiple users at one prebuilt, or diy doesn't really matter, but the easiest the better budget - we have to choose, buy HP's for every person, or buy a server-kinda
  2. Hi guys, So, let's cut the chase and go to the deal. So, I am working at a robotics lab, and we use software like Gazebo to simulate drone's physics, cause you need to verify stuff before you go and fly. Before we were buying PC's for some projects that were used to simulate like 3-4 drones, but the problem is that Gazebo uses CPU to simulate the physics, and then we use GPU based plugins to simulate cameras. So, I've seen in one of the videos, LTT were trying to build a server for simultaneous rendering for 3-4 editors. Does anyone have some experience with that kind of systems? We have been thinking of buying smth like this https://store.hp.com/us/en/mdp/desktops/hp-z8-workstation-3074457345617218173-1#!&tab=features maybe somebody has some experience with those, or can suggest a better variant. Thanks!