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    Birmingham, UK
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    Intel i9 10900X
  • Motherboard
    ASUS X299-E Gaming 2
  • RAM
    G.Skill 32GB DDR4-3200
  • GPU
    2x ASUS nvidia 2080 Ti 11GB Dual OC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define S2 TG
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    Corsair AX1600i 1600W Titanium
  • Display(s)
    Main: 3440x1440 100Hz. Side: 2560x1440 75Hz
  • Cooling
    Fractal Design Celsius S36
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. Its official, 3080 has double the cuda cores over the 2080Ti: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/30-series/rtx-3080/ Also confirmed the 3090 has 10k cuda cores: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/30-series/rtx-3090/
  2. UK weather here has been pretty cool these last few days, but I've been playing F2020 so the only time I'm folding now is when I'm sleeping, or at work. I'm really hooked onto FS2020 though, its so awesome. I've never played a flight sim game before as I've always thought how boring they look, but now being able to fly to anywhere in the world and with usually amazing visuals it's just superb.
  3. Using Steam, install the patcher to your games drive, then when the patcher (game) is loaded just allow it to auto install its files to your C drive, making sure you have plenty - at least 150GB spare on your drive. Don't bother installing this game onto a HDD, do not do it! On release day I installed this game in 58 minutes, that was with a couple of initial restarts before the big 90GB download. The Microsoft servers sometimes maxed out my gigabit broadband after the 90GB download had passed 60% I'm really impressed with this game. Its not really a game its more like a travellers guide to the world with amazing visuals. Works perfectly with my HOTAS setup.
  4. No but I've been contemplating whether to get one for a while now. The main reason I've not got one yet is because I live within a city centre so the chances of an unexpected power cut should be extremely low. I've lived here for 7 years and only noticed 1 power cut so far. I should get one though...
  5. I'm surprised that most of the votes are 4k so far, considering that according to Steam almost all gamers are still playing on 1080p screens and even a lot of gamers across the internet are boasting about and bigging-up 1080p even after 10 years of it being the standard res for gaming, also considering that LTT basically attracts the PC noobs of all things PC gaming. I voted 2k, even though I have a 4k monitor among my triple screen setup. My main/middle screen is 3440x1440 100Hz, with a cheapo/office 2k monitor to the left, a cheapo 4k monitor to the right of 60Hz. I've recently pre-ordered the HP Reverb G2 VR headset. Ready Player One for the win! Too bad I'll be dead or too old by then.
  6. System specs on my profile page. Its a high-end PC with 2x 2080 Ti's.
  7. Hey all, I thought I'd let others check out my pad for anyone interested. I'll try to keep this topic/blog relevant towards us who are into PC/tech/DIY/rig setups. I got my own mortgage back in 2013 on this brand new apartment. I'm an electrician in the building trade who also loves DIY stuff in my own time and enjoy helping family/friends out, also a PC hobbyist and an online gamer albeit casually these days. But before I get into that, here's a quick video I made of the last PC setup I had at my parents house from back in 2011 when I first had triple screens and ready for when Battlefield 3 came out: So then I moved into my own apartment in 2013, created this video of me putting everything together along with the PC setup connected to my TV using wireless keyboard/mouse lounged back onto my couch: Apologies if you don't like the music, just mute the sound if you dislike it. I later had gigabit broadband installed and made a video of my home network ethernet cable route layout: Then I decided to go back to gaming at a desk as I was missing multi-screen but mainly the use of the new HOTAS setup so I made some alterations to the corner of my lounge: So a while later I realised I needed a more comfortable HOTAS setup, and a bigger desk along with 2-3 extra tablets due to GameGlass. I contemplated getting rid of my TV unit but I love it too much it just looks so awesome. I had two double wardrobes in my bedroom so I decided to get rid of one of them, and so this is the result of my current setup: Under-desk photos in my following post...
  8. I tend to hover around the 5m (PPD-24hr average) on that list lol. I've pretty much had my PC running 24/7 for a while but today I decided to turn it off for a few hours while I was out just because of how hot the weather has been yesterday and Friday, OMG my room was so warm even with extra fans and windows all open - with no wind at all outside, it was concerning me as all of my gear near my PC was really warm to touch. Anyways, that's me at #21
  9. UK here. FTTP type broadband, 1Gb shared between 132 apartments. Had Hyperoptic for over 4 years now. Strangely, I'm in Birmingham yet the fastest ping I can get on speedtest is to Bradford.
  10. Don't "test" your PSU limits. I'm a noob Folder, average PC builder, but I'm an experienced and qualified electrician. The PSU will mostly determine if a fire occurs in your PC, and if you're not there if the fire happens...its guaranteed game over. Love your project/hobby though!
  11. Make sure you get one of the best cases that are proven to have the very best cooling temperatures. I had a Fractal Design S2 and when I started using FAH I got a 2nd 2080 Ti for my PC, but then I found my GPU's performance were throttling due to a lot of heat build up in the case. So I upgraded and even added more fans with Noctua Industrial 3000rpm (far too loud though) which helped but my GPU's were still throttling, so then I got a new case the Cooler Master SL600M which is the best case for cooling according to a load of benchmark tests. It works great but I've still had to put a 120mm Noctua 2000rpm fan sitting right on top of the vertically-aligned GPU's which helps cool my hottest GPU by 3-4'C. My PC with a high-end CPU and 2x 2080 Ti's uses about 800 watts (at 240 volts here in the UK), I have a 1600 watt PSU so its running at 50% usage when running FAH. You probably won't get a CPU as powerful as mine, and both the 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti pretty much use the same amount of power, so your PC will probably use 700 watts with 2x 1080 Ti's. The thing is with PSU's the more power they use compared to the max wattage rating of the PSU the more heat the PSU generates, so if you can get a much higher rated watt PSU the better as to try reduce the amount of heat your PC produces. I originally contemplated getting a third less powerful GPU as well but, I've since realised the heat generation might be too much. And then I look at massive rigs like LazyDev's PC and wonder how TF does his rig's temp's stay so cool lol
  12. Hit LTT rank 70 today. Its somehow been fun watching and climbing the ranks since I joined back in March. Its interesting reading and comparing our computers hardware. For anyone interested, my rig is a gaming PC which I haven't really been playing games on it much recently: intel i9 10900x 10c/20t, 2x nvidia 2080 Ti's with nvlink, SLI disabled in control panel. 3x 1440p screens. My 2nd 2080 Ti was bought mainly for FAH. PC has a 1600w platinum PSU which while running FAH uses 800-850 watts from the wall @ 245 volts. I always keep my CPU restricted by 50% to 5c/10t for the FAH client.
  13. I'm highly anticipating a 3080 Ti. Hopefully it won't be as expensive as the 2080 Ti just because of the Cov19 downturn incoming. nvidia tend to keep upping their price, especially because they don't have any high-end competition from AMD