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  1. Thats modding on a new level bro lol, Are you sure this is optiplex 3040? seems like an inspiron or smth.
  2. Can I ask what is your Optiplex version exactly? I want to compare between the boards
  3. Sorry my bad. Anyways here are the results, As you can see the health status is good but there is still a clucking noise that happens every few minutes.
  4. My board only needs rectangular 6 pin, So is it okay if i dont use it?
  5. Here are the results. I dont really understand anything so I hope you can tell me if the drive is okay or no,
  6. Clicking sound that causes my PC to stutter. Ive checked Hardware info it gives no warnings or failures. Also Ive used HD tune and nothing seemed to be wrong. Some people told me it is dying, Is it really?
  7. Okay thank you. The White connector that comes with the 6 pin connector, What is it for?
  8. Okay thanks. But may I also ask if I can make my own adapter rather than buying?
  9. So the whole adapter thingy is not recommended? I don't want my PSU to blow up lmao.
  10. I want to change my power supply in my dell optiplex 3060.However, the motherboard takes only 6 pin for main power, thus I need 24 pin to 6 pin adapter and I want to make one but I don't know the pin out diagram. So if anyone can help me make this please respond. Thanks.
  11. My PCI-E's safety plastic in my dell OEM MOBO got broken while i was pulling my GPU. Would that affect the GPU or is it dangerous?
  12. Despite that your MOBO is quite good but if you need the upgrade then search for a motherboard that uses the CoffeeLake archictecture with the FCLGA1151 socket so it would be compatible with the i7-9700k. Check this list if you want for these types of MOBOs : https://pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#s=30
  13. Your current GPU is not giving it's best preformance because of your CPU. However, an GPU upgrade indeed would give better performance but the RTX would be bottlenecked eitherways since your motherboard CPU socket architecture is KabyLake . RTX 2060 would need a CoffeeLake so you can get the most performance out of it. I strongly discourage you to buy an RTX 2060. Either buy a new MOBO and CPU or CPU and a GPU that does have low bottleneck percentage.
  14. lga1155 is a pretty old, Id recommend changing the whole MOBO with FCLGA1151 socket. if you are sticking with the lga1155 socket , I think you should go with i7 3770k.