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  1. Funny to see how many flaws are in a service when the amount of people using it spikes.
  2. So, I was able to install Windows 10 Pro on the machine, then, once that was done, I installed all the programs that I have/had on my laptop. At the end of all that, I installed IObit Driver Booster to download & install the latest drivers (I've never had any issues with this program) since I was having some weird glitchy stuff (white noise that would show up with animated elements and only within the boundaries of a program window). That never ended up fixing it. Also, I ran 3 blender benchmarks (1 for CPU, 1 for CUDA cores, and 1 for Optix). Went through all of those no problem. So, after that, I began to transfer some of my files, and then (this was after a bit over 5 hours of stable run time) the computer just randomly shut down (no windows shut down screen), but the fans (including those in the graphics card) and the motherboard lights stayed on. So, I was researching and trying to figure out this problem for a while (the computer randomly turned itself off a few more times after that first time, it didn't make a difference if it was under a heavy load of just idling) and then the computer struggled to get into Windows, meaning it coudln't get in at all. So, the BIOS screen would show the Windows dot circle loading animation, but then the display would show "HDMI No Signal", but the computer itself would still stay on (all fans, including graphics card, and the motherboard lights would be running/on). So, I was stuck in BIOS, so I tried to boot from a USB stick I had (this stick is what I used to install Windows from), but that didn't work. The display would still "quit". Eventually, I was only able to get the BIOS screen to show up 1 or 2 times for every 20 times I turned the computer on. The problem got much worse, and now my motherboard has a red LED light that turns on on the bottom right corner of the board and will turn off and then back on after a clicking noise from the power supply. All fans in the computer are running still when this happens. I tried every RAM slot combination, tried unplugging the SATA drives, unplugging the graphics card, even unplugging the CPU. I tried running at bare minimum with only the CPU, PSU, and the graphics card on (I need the graphics card to run for display output since the CPU doesn't have integrated graphics). So, I kind of have a hierarchy of problems. Any ideas on what's causing all of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, some other points to note is that I made sure the pump was not mounted too tightly and (when Windows was functioning) the CPU never went above 70 C, so, it's not an overheating issue. I also tried unplugging the SATA drives with no luck. I even tried booting the system without the M.2 storage in (the computer should have gone to boot into the Windows installation from the USB stick if it was working properly, but it didn't). Also, the M.2 storage is what holds the Windows installation and all of the program files. I've tried every plug combination between the PSU and the motherboard and other components, nothing has worked. What's really strange about this is that it was working fine consistently for around 5 hours before it started to randomly shut down (I had the glitchy white dots with graphics card for the entire time since it first booted up, the graphics card is functionin since it sped through the blender benchmarks). Links: Internal Photos: https://imgur.com/a/33Zb1p1 Desktop Parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/_Samino_/saved/WkDskL Please make sure to read my whole post before messaging so you don't make a repeat of something I already tried!