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  1. So im running pihole on a fairly underutilised raspberry pi 3 and i remember when we used to run huge LAN events at uni that we used a squid proxy cache server, i was wondering whether it would be worth it as the sd cards huge and has plenty of extra space? would it actually reduce the amount of bandwidth used for general browsing? If so if anyone wants to point me in the right direction im happy to also report my findings :) Regards Tom
  2. Thanks guys I assumed it did but wanted to double check
  3. I have a raspberry pi zero (non WiFi) in a draw I wondered if I could use it for Pi hole or does it require a active internet connection?
  4. Thanks guys, this was my first post on here and you guys have excellent answers, I shall leave it be then was just one of those random thoughts I had.
  5. Just a quick thought whether using a modded bios intended for crypto mining on my 580 would yield better performance for the Folding at Home project? Anyone tested this? / Has knowledge about it? Tom