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  1. Pretty crappy pc when pointer is moved around these huge pixels appear on the screen
  2. But how can the client get the file back without someone sending it server side
  3. Windows 10 Media storage Which software should I use
  4. How should I configure a Nas software wise
  5. Which manufacture should I buy raid controllers from
  6. Which is better a 2080 ti or a titan rtx
  7. But minning boards come with 8x which would cause a bottle neck for 16x
  8. I need a dual sp3 motherboard with 15 pcie slot. SATA and m.2 numbers doesn't matter. Ram slots don't matter. any recomendations
  9. No I'm asking if you can Give a part of a screen to each gpu so that 4 pairs can add their 4k screens to make a 8k output through something. It is splitting the workload for each screen it may be easy to find a software to do this but the extension is what I'm worried about
  10. This is pretty much for my dream build I am planning to use a 8k monitor But for pumping the frames I have quite a idea that sounds far fetched I want to use a pci-e extension like the one from 6 editors 1 pc build by linus with 8 titan rtx of which each 2 of the titans will be connected with nv link so then we will essentially have 4 outputs so I can connect each 4k outputs to a 8k monitor so that I can get maximum frame rate I also want to know if there is a way to add 4 of these hdmi and split them into 1 or 2 display ports for the Dell 8k monitor