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  1. 4k is a big selling point for me
  2. My problem is the oled is large and has all the features I want, high refresh rate, g sync, 4k, hdr. the only monitor that exists to my knowledge with all that is the 27uq which to me is too small personally... and I am NOT spending 3500+ on the 32uqx if it ever even comes.
  3. So I REALLY want to get a Lg CX Oled for my new gaming pc but i’m wary of burn in... I play games with health bars and huds A lot and can often play 6-8 hours a day Given that I work from home and have a lot of free time. i’m worried I play way too much to have an OLED. Would setting my display to go into sleep mode every 15 minutes of no activity, and using pixel refresh every couple of days prevent burn in? Or will it inevitably happen no matter what I do?
  4. Yeah glossy to match. Hmmm this isn't bad, i'll consider it, not in love with the thick bezels tbh
  5. I want a 27 inch monitor to vertical mount next to an LG CX 48 inch, but it NEEDS to be 27 inches, it needs to be at least 1440p and be NON anti glare, I can't seem to find anything... maybe someone can help?
  6. Could you run 4 970 Evo plus m.2's in RAID and have it work properly?
  7. I want to build a new pc gaming setup and I want it to be themed. Sadly I am not very talented when it comes to art. Anyone know of any talented pc modders that can be commissioned for Builds?