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  1. Hate to say it, but based on all the troubleshooting you've done, either the CPU or MB is toast. Unless you've got another CPU or MB to test, your next step is to consult with a local PC repair shop to see if they're willing to test for you. Depending on how much they will charge you for this service, you might be better off saving the money and put it towards a new PSU, CPU, MB, and RAM. That CPU is going on 8 years old now. It's not a useless chip, but it's really long in the tooth. Time for - Out with the old, in with the new. Note: If you're really tight on cash, and you know the CPU is good...you could pick up a used MB from E-bay.
  2. Your I5-3570K has an iGPU. Try both replacing the PSU with a known working one, and booting the system without the Video Card. It's possible the old PSU surged and popped your card.
  3. A co-worker just bought a pre-built AMD rig. He asked of my opinion and honestly, it was a steal for the price. The MB looked to be a custom OEM version of a ASRock. Looked well built with good specs. He purchased it and a few days later, the price rose nearly another 200+ bucks. Nothing wrong with pre-built so long as you got a good deal on it.
  4. You sure the fan is working? Even in silent mode in BIOS, the chipset fan will ramp up real loud under gaming with an x570 Taichi. Max temp of the SB will reach up to 75c while the ambient temp in the room is 23c. At idle or casual web browsing, I can't hear unless I'm about half a meter near the case.
  5. The only thing that should fold is the entire concept. Too many people on their phones as it is. ...and get off my lawn!
  6. I agree. It's not the first time Intel has botched the driver upgrade process. I've seen it numerous times when performing an RST or Intel HD Video driver update for the iGPU. Slopping QA/QC. My approach is just to assume that the devs are numbnuts and that the end-user should take extra precautionary measures.
  7. @GoodBytes I'm wondering if this would have been mitigated in the first place by purging all previous cached drivers in the OS. Using the Disk Cleanup utility, there's an option for "Device driver packages" So when in doubt, perhaps performing this task would make for good proactive advice prior to attempting to upgrade the OS. Just at thought.
  8. Windows is perpetually beta, and water is wet.
  9. Considering it was a best-selling product, I doubt it was uncomfortable for the purchaser
  10. The SGR-A1 is an automated sentry gun (an "aim bot") to be deployed on the Korean DMZ. It was developed by Samsung.
  11. FYI, I don't have Optane in my rig. Also, I performed an in-place upgrade from v1909 to v2004 without warning or fail How I like to update Windows 10 to the latest build is via the Windows Media Creation Tool. I proceed to create a boot-able USB flash drive (or download the ISO). Next, create a folder at the root of C drive; I call mine "Window10_Update" (without quotes) and copy all of the contents from either USB or ISO into that folder. Finally, just run the setup.exe to perform the update. Because it's on an SSD, the process goes much faster. Once completed, you can feel free to delete that folder to free up space.
  12. Per Microsoft for v2004 If you know of anything more specific, please cite the page you read this from.