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  1. Thanks for your answer but since I live in Europe, I'd like to avoid Massdrop for now, if possible. I'm open to other suggestions. Right now, I was looking into Fidelio X2HR (which is on sale at around 100$) but I'm a bit worried about the clarity of vocals. Otherwise, there's DT880 but I'm not sure which fits my use case better.
  2. Hello, I'd like to ask for advice for a new pair of headphones. I currently own the Sennheiser 598SR and I find them...just ok. I'm no expert by any means but, while super comfortable, I feel like they have ok clarity with voices (which I like) but overall I find them flat and boring. It's like they lack sparkle. I'd like for something that is more fun/colored while keeping clear voices, I don't want them muffled. The headphones will be used mostly for gaming. However, I don't play multiplayer games, I mostly enjoy Rpgs and action Rpgs with good soundtrack (like Nier: Automata), visual novels and immersive sims (Prey, Bioshock). I'm also going to use them for music. I listen to most genres (in order: indie, pop, rock, lofi hip hop, orchestra, classical and sometimes jazz). My budget is around 200-250 max for the headphones and, if needed, I can consider spending about 150-200 more for a dac and an amp. I'm located in Europe, so Massdrop is an option but it's a bit more expensive. Thanks for the help!