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  1. Ah see, I'm from Canada, a supermicro 3U chassis from the local chain is about $1500, comes with a power supply and a backplane and blades. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what is reasonable and what isn't.
  2. I have been looking to upgrade my current "server" which is just a tower with approx 26TB of storage (random sized drives from 1TB to 8TB) running on windows 10 and an old i7. I have run out of SATA ports/space in the enclosure. I know i can just replace the 1TB drives with an 8TB, but I am looking for a more long term solution (with the ability to slowly migrate from low capacity to high capacity drives) and was looking at buying a server chassis and migrating everything in. However no matter where i look I either find server chassis that hold almost the same amount of drives as my tower, or extremely expensive 4U chassis with a backplane (which if i understand is a "motherboard", but i cant seem to find a good explanation. Is a backplane sufficient on its own or is it a bit of hardware that controls a few HDs but needs to be connected to a motherboard which then does all the work). and the other thing is, when i find a server chassis that is budget friendly i am scared off by the reviews as they fry some of the equipment. Can anyone suggest an inexpensive rackable server chassis that I can set up my media/plex/torrent server in?