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  1. So seems the problem might be the psu since it would start to shut down while breadboarding after i instaled the gpu and the gpu itself is good. Will send the parts back to the store so they can further test it. Thank you guys
  2. I've done a couple stress tests and played in 4k for several hours without any problem, the strange thing is that it crashes more easily on idle, while I'm on YouTube, ...
  3. Its really random, can take hours after log in or can be just seconds...the event just says that there was an unexpected shutdown and nothing more...im breadboarding right know to try and find the problem
  4. Already have done that and the xmp has been turned off for long, still crashing.
  5. This is what happens when it crashes...it stays like this until it manages to reboot 20200331_230807_1.mp4
  6. It is on the secound slot from the cpu yes, didnt knew about the problem with single but will read about it
  7. Core voltage 1.34v at 4023mhz with the cpu-z stress test.
  8. Yes i have double checked and it is, thr cpu and gpu are running cool and under load never go to any extremes
  9. I dont have another psu, had thinked about that but on idle im way under the 550w and the thing is the pc hasn't crashed while doing stress test and benchs so far, that would be the point of failure for the psu right?
  10. Although shouldn't it handle pbo on default? Since its the fabric setting it should not cause all these crashes, will try anyway and see.
  11. Im already running that test and so far no erros but the problem is the system wont stay on long enough to finish the test
  12. Hey guys, about a week ago I finished my build and it worked fine for the first two/three days but the last 3 days it just crashes all the time. On widows there is no errors apart from the unexpected shutdown. Ive already builded from scratch one secound time but still the same. The pc crashes in random situations so can even be on idle, in the bios, while using Firefox...i got the bios runing on factory settings since i had turned de xmp on. And even restored windows to a previous date. Some info on the crashes (3 types):1st the pc just turns off and stays off until I unplug it press the power button and then plug again. 2nd the pc shuts down and reboots. 3th the pc shuts down and the vga/boot/ram motherboard red ezdebug leds stay on while cpu led blinks red. This goes on for a bit until it reboots or sometimes I have to shut it down manually. Cpu and gpu run cool and don't overheat. I'm running a memtest and so far no problems. So I'm really scratching my head has to where this is coming from. Pc parts: Ryzen 7 3700x Asus Dual GeForce RTX2070 super evo 8gb oc Msi b450 tomahawk max Ram g.skill ripjaws v 1x16gb ddr4 3200 cl16 Psu corsair rm550x 80plus gold Phanteks eclipse p400s Ssd m2 2280 WD blue SN550 500gb 3d nand nvme Barracuda 2t 7200rpm Edit: in the first days i gamed on the for hours, even on 4k with no problems. Bios is updated to latest version and all the drivers are updated