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  1. Windows has updated prior to this
  2. For a couple of days Windows 10 has been booting very slow. It is on my main drive which is an SSD and it used to boot in under 30 seconds but now after the motherboard splash screen, the Windows loading screen appears followed by a dark backround with nothing that takes about half a minute to disappear only then to be met by the lockscreen. My start-up programs are minimal and only things that are necessary such as sound and mouse drivers and clearing my BIOS settings doesn't help.
  3. It probably happens because of the new architecture of RTX and because you're also running them in SLI. I understand that you're quite scared because they're very expensive.
  4. Your i7 is designed to thermal throttle at 105 degrees so I think it's just a bug. If it doesn't thermal throttle then we know that the readings are wrong.
  5. I understand. I don't have any warranty unfortunately. Thank you.
  6. It seems to be a problem with rendering in that one particular area in CSGO. Try upgrading or downgrading the gpu drivers. Make sure to use DDU.
  7. Perhaps the cooler isn't fitted on properly and it's loose in one of the corners. Are the fans at a low speed?
  8. My LG IPS monitor flickers in one spot on the top edge. The rest of the monitor works fine, just one area has an issue. It overall works well but I do sometimes notice it. Could it be physical damage? Does anyone know how to solve this?
  9. So for anyone possibly reading this in the future: on lower end phones both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the same band, which means that if they're both turned on they will fight for connection. The controller functions fine on my PC and it does on my android device as long as I do not have Wi-Fi enabled. That is something to consider if you run into issues.
  10. I'm sorry for responding so late. I hope you have found a solution to your problem by now.
  11. try changing the HDMI output from the GPU to the motherboard so that your CPU renders the image.
  12. I'm afraid one or more components have fried. Can you at least enter the BIOS and navigate it?
  13. Is it set to 120Hz in the windows settings? Maybe the monitor needs to be manually set through it's own settings to work properly at 120Hz. If you have the manual give it a thorough read. If you have another computer check to see if it has the same issue, and try a different connection port if you can.
  14. I don't think that water cooling is necessary unless you plan on seriously overclocking your CPU. That money could go towards a good GPU or a high capacity SSD drive, maybe even a nice high resolution or high refresh rate monitor.
  15. I did consider this however where I live people aren't into tech nor do they have much cash to spend on it, and because of the current circumstances in which we live I wouldn't like to meet with anyone for second hand parts. We have very slow eBay shipping here too.