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  1. Tbh.. can't say much right now.. but probably not. Btw you should also consider the new 3300x cpu which is 60 USD cheaper and is beating Intel 7700k (Intel's flagship gaming 3 years ago) I know it's hard to believe but 3300x is a real good deal.. U can check out linus's review.. he compares it to other ryzen as well
  2. I think you should wait for 4000series if you are not in hurry
  3. What kind of work if I may ask.. something that will be benifited by extra cores and threads like video editing then go for 3700x.. for light workload like working on spreadsheets and stuff it doesn't really matter much.. and gaming is nearly identical
  4. Oh!! I couldn't find one with R/W speeds higher than ~550-600 MB.. can you please provide link to one
  5. Hey.. I don't know much about storage devices but isn't USB 3.1gen2 little overkill considering the fact that even the best of external SSDs can not realize the full potential (5Gbit/s) of a USB 3.0. So is it just a marketing gimmick or does a usb 3.1 gen 2 ssd perform better than usb3.1 gen1/ usb 3 ssd.. if so then why? What is usb 3.1 gen2 good for ?
  6. Hmm.. thx for the info. Btw do you happen to know about when will ryzen 4000 be out?? Probably silly to ask
  7. Hey should I wait for the 10th gen Intel chips to be available in my region or go for ryzen 3700x for my all rounder build (gaming, workstation purposes) (but more leaning towards gaming)
  8. So to wrap it up.. I should be fine with the sabrent nvme ssd which is 200usd less for the 2tb one than samsung nvme Right??
  9. Hey guys,, I don't know much about SSD I was checking out some SSDs and the Samsung ones are way more expensive than other alternatives be it nvme pcie gen 3 ones or the sata ones.. Why are Samsung ones so expensive than other alternatives like crucial with same protocol.. Are the speeds really high ? Are Samsung ones worth buying? Will I see a huge improvement in boot times and game load times and in general moving files around??
  10. Hmm.. ohk then let's take a step in the liquid direction
  11. Thx bro.. and that's a nice case.nd overall build. but I have never used water-cooling and am a bit hesitant about it.. should I stick with the air cooled or it's easy to watercool?
  12. The list is not showing up man! It says cart is empty
  13. Hmm.. I'll surely consider this bro.. thx