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  1. So a few weeks ago I finally got to finish building my first computer. I'm pretty proud of myself and it's been running good so far, but after setting it all up and installing all the drivers I realized that my ddr4 3000mhz rated ram was only been running at 2133mhz this whole time. I read that it was common for it to run at lower ratings and that it was an easy fix and all that I had to do was boot into the bios and change to the xmp profile, but after doing that and exiting the bios my computer would crash whenever it booted up and just showed me the windows blue screen mentioning how I had corrupted something in the computer. I also remember it also mentioning something about voltage problems after looking up the code error. I didn't know what exactly had happened so I just restarted the computer and tried to boot into the bio again, but it wouldn't let me, and what followed after were a bunch of attempts at figuring out what was going on and how I could fix it. I'm not sure if it was something I did, or something the computer itself did but after a couple times restarting the computer it finally booted up as normal. I first looked at task manager and then in the bios and both mentioned how my ram was back to running at 2133. It was a big scare for me so since after that I tried to not mess around too much with stuff I don't really know anything about. I would appreciate any help or comments as to what I'm doing wrong or to what I need to do. If it helps, my build is the following. ryzen 5 2600 asrock b450m pro4 2x8g of corsair vengence lxp 3000mhz Once again, any comments are appreciated.