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  1. thanks for the input, i think i'll buy the parts gradually then. If i still haven't bought the CPU by august or September, then ill wait cause the 4000 series will most likely work with b450 motherboards with a bios update.
  2. my issue is that i personally don't need it at the moment but my parents would be getting my old system which they could use more for there day to day uses as I assume they don't do any sort of gaming. At this point however i think i might just wait, or buy the other parts gradually.
  3. I can wait but wondering if I should. This could potentially be a long half a year in isolation so a new system could help.
  4. this happened to me recently on a different game(Modern Warfare), and found out it was a driver issue. Have you tried checking that?
  5. I've been looking to build a new PC and have made a list of parts I want to put in the new system. The only thing is that I don't know if I should wait for AMD's 4000 series or go with the CPU I've already chosen(r5 3600). I understand that the wait might be about half a year more or less, but I want to if it's even worth it to wait that long.