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    Language learning, good old games, my wife, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer FB.
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    MSI z170a gaming m5
  • RAM
    2x8 HyperX Fury DDR4 2400Mhz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
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    NZXT Phantom 240
  • PSU
    Hydro G 750w 80+ gold
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    AOC 24" 24G2U
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    Cooler Master Masterliquid ml240l
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    Cooler Master CK550 (brown switches)
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. I see people saying that the gpu can get in the way of the small fan on the board. Do you judge this to be a issue? I have a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X. Not the longest card ever. But I'd like the room to upgrade in the near future.
  2. So I'm at the point where I wish to upgrade my old rig. I've decided on a ryzen 7 3700x as my CPU and a Gigabyte x570 aorus elite. But I keep reading online that this board has problems running ram at their marketed speeds. I want to pair the board and cpu with HyperX fury ddr4 8*2GB 3200mhz ram (got a really good deal on them) and was wondering if this is still the case with this board? People have mentioned that the XMP profiles don't really work and that they will down clock them to the regular 2133mhz. Is there need for concern? And would the Asus Tuf x570 be better? They are the same price where I live but people have also mentioned that this board have problems with longer GPUs. Hope someone here can help me clear this up for me~ thank you~
  3. He is quite busy atm. What if it does not boot?
  4. Yeah I spotted that too. Not sure why he gave is a letter even though it said not to... Need to tell him read more careful Thanks a lot. You've been a great help
  5. So he followed your steps and have a question. The original system reserved is a system, which this is not. Does that make a difference. And does it look right? Also what to do with the old system reserved
  6. Thanks a lot. You used the software method?
  7. The PC is brand new so... No data in any of the drives yet. Did that happen to you?
  8. Would you know if there is a guide on that? So far he found something called AOMEI Backupper. Would that work?
  9. So yesterday me and my mate spent a few hours getting all the stuff he needed to build a nice "entry level" gaming PC. Now since I found the parts and put it together I asked him to go home and install Windows on his own. Mentioning that I recommend him to unplug the 500gb storage ssd. Here's the thing, he forgot. And after installing Windows, his system reserved is sitting on his 500gb ssd and not his 120gb ssd like the rest of his system. So my question is, can he move the System reserved to the storage ssd drive? Does it matter that it's on the 500gb and not the 120gb? Will the system boot slower if he starts to fill up his shiny new 500gb ssd? Hope someone will be able to help me out. I have not tried this myself before so I don't know how to help him really. Thank you all in advance (Picture is if my explanation is horrible, which it most likely is)
  10. Yeah reason for getting these cards is because he does not want to do any oc.. at all. Plug and play is his mindset. That's why I asked for the better of the two cards as that's what we are looking at and will get one of them tomorrow, thus finishing the build. Yeah we have a trade block sadly. Some stuff you can buy, some stuff nope.
  11. Pretty sure he would prefer the better performance from a 1650 super or Rx 570. Also it's pretty sketchy to get stuff from Taobao atm with some trade blocking and stuff.
  12. Sadly we are in Taiwan and the used market is pretty much none existing. Only option is to buy new and find the best deals. Everything in the system is found somewhere on a sale I've been busy... Thanks for the help tho!
  13. So I'm currently helping a mate out with a PC build, on a very very tight budget. Not only that he has very special requirements for the system (i.e. small as possible, able to run Skyrim with mods, 2 ssd one for games one for system) ECT ECT. Now I have managed to stay in the budget, with a Ryzen 5 3600, the 2 ssd he wanted, small build, propper Mobo, some decent 16gb 3200mhz ram. But now I'm stuck on gpu. Personally I've never had a low tier gpu. Always played with 70series. (770, 970, 1070) So here is my concern. MSI GTX 1650 super Ventus xs oc 4GB (Or) RX 570 8GB We have a 550w 80+ silver in the system to power it. But the internet is super split on these two card. Which is the better card? They are about the same price. Please help! Thanks everyone! Much love: Viking~
  14. I was most worried about the CPU not being a i7-6700k. Hard to find reviews online for this thing. Seems like everyone has different opinions. But thanks for your reply~ much appreciated~
  15. So I have a older machine and was wondering if it could fair okay for 720p maybe 1080p streaming. Internet is no issue for me. I'm not sure if I can afford to spend a good chunk of money on a new Mobo, ram, cooler and CPU. Anyone able to help? Specs: Msi z170a gaming m5 (Mobo) Msi GTX 1070 Gaming X (gpu) i7-6700 (cpu) HyperX Fury 2x8GB DDR4 2400mhz (ram) cooler master masterliquid ml240l (CPU cooler) hydro g 750w 80+ gold (psu) AOC 24" 24G2U (Monitor) Games expected to stream: Age Of Empires 2 Definitive edition. Mount&Blade Bannerlord (Other older games) I normally play in 1080p and never really cared about 2K-4K gaming too much. All I wish for is a smooth stream in OSB Streamlabs. Thank you all in advance~