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  1. Broskiez


    Ok, sorry about posting 2, I’m pretty new to this forum. But I just ordered a r5 3600 to pair with my Rx 5600 xt. Hopefully that will help out with the situation.
  2. It could be your internet, high ping rates can cause stutters that are not FPS drops.
  3. Broskiez


    I have 2 sticks did I say one in my comment? If I did sorry for that. So is there another problem?
  4. Broskiez


    I just got a new sapphire pulse Rx 5600xt. Games like r6 have not really changed 110-130 FPS lowest settings. Modern warfare keeps crashing even on the lowest settings. I think that this is due to bottlenecking... (old gpu was Rx 560) specs: Rx 5600 xt ryzen 3 2200g evga 500w br psu corsair vengeance 8gb ddr4 ram x2 hardrives etc cpu fan, 1 case fan, and another fan Is my Cpu making everything bad? Should I upgrade to something like a r5 2600? How would this increase performance. And am I missing any key settings within my pc.
  5. I just got a Rx 5600 xt instead. Some games have no difference but games like modern warfare crash sometimes even on low settings. Do you think this is bottlenecking or something within some sort of settings? Do you think upgrading to a better cpu would increase performance? For ex: ryzen 5 2600
  6. I’m wondering if my pc I already built will work with a ventus rtx 2060. Current specs: rx 560 ryzen 3 2200g Asus b450m motherboard corsair 8gb ram x2 EVGA 500 br 80+ Bronze power supply 1 fan Thermaltake versa h17 case storage (brand doesn’t matter) my plan is to replace the 560 with a 2060 and I’m just wondering if everything will fit and if I have the right cables to connect the 2060