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  1. I've never had the pleasure of an SSD until today and I just wanted to share my CDM scores. Boy am I glad I upgraded! The old Rand speeds were gross and troublesome.
  2. My X1 Yoga Gen 1 just died Via usb power surge. Not so happy. It was a recent gift from a friend, and now I feel terrible.

  3. Does it count if it's a 8 year old TV that I still use, despite being broken to hell? Haha. Seriously though. I also have an HD 6950 from 10 years ago.. Took Quite a beating! It's been 'Repaired' about 12 times as you can probably tell..
  4. Well I know that it's not a PC. I'm not a dunce. That's why I asked. I was wondering if anyone else found a workaround to improve the UI o fthis device, because it's incredibly laggy due to all the overly customized UI. And the UI doesn't even offer any useful function. It's just 'Unique' and Cludgy.
  5. So I've got this Xstreamz TV box that has the cludgiest OS I've seen in my life, and I am attempting to put a stock Android OS on it. My luck is that there is no official page for this device, and the tools I've tried simply wont flash despite recognizing the thing. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, or if anyone has ideas? Im aiming for LineageOS if at all possible. 4x USB and standard Ethernet/HDMI on the back. Thanks friendos!
  6. After 5 years of being an LTT follower, I finally caved and joined the site! 


  7. **Updated 2020-04-08** ♥ = New ** = To Be Upgraded - Phanteks Eclipse P400 Chasis** - MSI A88X-G45 - AMD A8-5600K APU - GAMMAXX 3000 Air cooler** -16GB DDR3 (2x 1600mhz and 2x 2133mhz)** - Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4GB ♥ -4TB of HDD storage (+ 3TB HDD local NAS) EDIT: My whole setup is horrid looking, but that's being worked on.