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  1. Fans a cheap and cost effective plus sonys fan is good and one of kind and already fits well inside so why not 2. 2 is better than 1.
  2. Combine the softmodd overclock with my dual fan idea and some paint and a compact pc power supply giving higher wattage to compensate for the extra fan and extra cpu power and we got something really cool on our hands. So Overclocked ps4 custom painted with 2 fans and a bigger power supply and a tb ssd drive dam. It would be dope right. Anyone jailbreak a ps4 please message me. then this case mod could be something to prolong the ps4 and make it cool again in the future for resales.
  3. Wouldn't it be great to have a overclocked ps4 with 2 fans and a bigger power supply and a bigger hard drive. That what i wanted to do with the regular ps4 in the future. Anyone overclock the ps4 yet through jailbreak?
  4. They use poly carbonate material to create bullet proof glass... The lexan sheets are a thinner weaker version but it is the same material. It has a high melting point. Its not like regular plastic. All my pc components are on stand offs made of metal threaded into poly carbonate sheet. My pc components are screwed down to stand offs that are threaded or screwed into poly carbonate sheet. It won't catch fire. Plus i have a a dual filter protection circuit of switches and emi and rf filters on the pc power supply and a surge protector that also has a emi filter on it. The system is safe.
  5. I challenge you to go to home depot or a local hardware store and buy a piece of lexan plexi glass. Take a heat gun and attempt to melt it. Or a 800 Degree soldering iron. You will find that it will not catch fire. In fact its resistant to heat surprisingly well. It tough to even drill through that material some times. Ps4 plastic on the other had isn't as strong. Its soft plastic. Buy my components are mounted to the lexan plexi glass or poly carbonate sheet. That stuff is really strong stuff. hard to break and even hard to melt. Catching it on fire would be highly unlikely.
  6. How would keep the components cool in that small space in there? How would you get the hot air out of the case? After puting a pc inside it? its less than 4 cm of space inside the case. Or less than 4cm of height. My cpu is were the big fan is and my power supply is where the little fan is. The other item is a step up converter 12-24volts for a industrial noctua fan. Let me guess liquid , where the hell would you put it. How much would that bill run?
  7. You will also have to mount the wifi blue tooth antenna somewhere else after you remove the disc drive. Or make your own. I used regular 26 gauge wire and a ground connector and 1 pop rivet like this. You can just solder on a wire if you want to of whatever length you want going to a piece metal. Otherwise your controller won't work. by blue tooth
  8. The motherboard has the cpu upside down sandwitched between the heat sink and another shield as well.. You would have to come up through the bottom of the case... That would be difficult to do...
  9. The what do we do about the psu getting air?
  10. I wish sony made a version of the ps4 that didn't have a disc drive at all and some better cooling power instead or a second hard drive bay beneath instead. So you wouldn't need that extra top bay looking thing... Would that have been better if they just put an extra 3.5 inch hard drive bay where the disc drive sits instead. Or the fan mod i called the fish Bowl... Remember if you do it.. Call it the fish Bowl Modd... Cuz its makes no sense. haha
  11. with that disk drive out you can do alot of stuff.. opens alot of room..
  12. I know this shell looks like crap but i was just cutting up some old shells i had lying around to test the idea out. Or to show it off. I completed this before and had the system run and everything.
  13. I posted this already i figured i should post it again. its just a simple idea so simple i don't think anyone has done it yet with the ps4 original fan that is. I would paint the case after i did though to have it look nicer. I call it the fish bowl modd... for ps4 dual fan ps4... you could probably do this with the ps4 pro as well... This would also work best in a jail broken ps4 because then you wouldn't have to update your system.
  14. What to do when your original ps4 blue ray player stops working. I say forget it and through it away and do a cooling modd instead. Dual ps4 fan modd. I did this but used a flex atx power supply and some analog swiches to run my power supply for my ps4. Anyway here is my concept photos. You have to keep the daughter or sister motherboard that goes with the blue ray player. Because it is paired with your ps4 cpu or apu and you won't be able to update without it. so keep that and strap it in the case somewhere. I thought about buying up all the ps4s on ebay one day and doing this mod to them. You can parallel 2 fans this way... without the disc drive. its an Alternative to water cooling, people have done. But this would be an easier cooling modd to do. Just mount another fan inside the system. You could parallel them at your own risk... i never tried that. I used a larger atx power supply when i did the modd. However it was suggested to me that you could just parallel the fans together off the original ps4 power supply.
  15. at least it looks like a ps4 from 1 side view
  16. You are arguing the gpu in the ps4 pro or ps4 is better but what difference would it make overall in comparison to my pc i put inside the ps4. My hardware is much better and its not even maxed out.
  17. I wanted to put out there that the system i put together inside this ps4 is very good. Plus i didn't use a ps4 pro case... I used the ps4 case original. The original ps4 could not boost clock... If i built inside a ps4 pro case i could use a larger gpu... Cause there is extra room in the case. The graphics cards you mentioned are dedicated gpus... The ps4 jaguar apu does not perform as well because it was custom made for low power applications... I was not comparing the the gt 1030 to a rx 480 or an rx 470 or any of those. The jaguar, i agrue is not like those cards core to core performance wise, its much weaker then then either of those. In the bench mark test ran on geek bench 4 my system wins every time. Those cards you mentioned are better than a jaguar by far...That is not an accurate comparison..Jaguar gpu is not a polaris 11 , its just like a polaris 11 if it is a one at all. Its a Custom chip... My cpu is better and in combination with my low end graphics card my system will still perform better at most if not all computing task... Especially if i were to upgrade my cpu to the devils canyon intel core i7-4790K 4.0 to 4.4ghz then its over... Even with a lessor gpu the processing power of the system would be miles and miles ahead of the ps4 and ps4 pro giving an overall better system for gaming and regular everyday computing... When i built this pc i didn't care to emulate the ps4 , i set out to build a better pc in sonys house...
  18. floating point vectors, cuda cores, and cell processors and teraflops sounds like zesty advertisement bs to me over the years of console gaming... I like consoles but Sony got stupid with that crap... and who can question them except for a few...
  19. Sony created there own measurement system, isn't that convienant to them that most other modern cpus and gpus can't measure themselves to accurately.. Its all marketing BS
  20. cudacores tiliflops and floating points sound like technical terms to describe a misunderstood oversold overbuilt custom cpu and gpu marketed to the consumer with far less capability... Over the years it sounds stupid to me... even if it is true ... No mondern cpu or gpu is measured that way..
  21. People beleive it but it sounds like BS if you ask me...
  22. I grew up with ps1 and ps2 and those are my favorite game consoles... I just don't like the way sony has become... trying to make this super secret squirl hardware in the dark with outrageouse specs and capability that no bench test can compute for years to come to challenge there possible lie about there system capability
  23. Yeah but maybe Sony will have to answer for it... and adapt and live on you know plus it would just be fun to do you know... Destroy the console hardware spec and capability wise... Show everyone there not that good...
  24. I like putting intel systems in it because its like amd vs intel all over again...