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  1. Are these options better because I am very happy with the ram suggestion but I am going to be using this for gaming so would the Ryzen 7 2700x not be better and I chose the ASUS motherboard for its great price to performance and it’s looks because at the moment my pc is not looking great and I want something that will stand out
  2. Thanks, the ram recommendation is a massive help but as for the motherboard I think I have found the one you were talking about and I just wanted to ask how much of a difference will the MSI motherboard make over the ASUS one because it is a bit more expensive and I do want this pc to look good as at the moment it does not look great and I much prefer the look of the ASUS one and I have noticed the MSI one does not have an IO shield but I would probably be able to find one somewhere. I will attract some pictures just to make sure I have found the correct ones.
  3. I am upgradind my dads old pc and I am quite new to pc building and I dont want to mess it up, if I could get some advice from this that would be great. I would be getting an Asus rog strix b450-f motherboard and an amd Ryzen 2700x for their good price to performance as I dont have a massive budget. A few things that I am not sure about are ram, lighting and building. For ram I would be looking to get 16 or 32gb and I am unsure of what brand to get and what combinations would be most efficient, I was thinking 2 8gb sticks so if 16gb isn't enough I can get two more later as i'm never going to need 64gb. Also, lighting I was thinking about getting an NZXT hue 2 lighting kit for led rgb strips but the motherboard and cpu cooler that comes with the cpu both have rgb which I would want to have synced up with the rgb strips but I am not sure as to how I would get these to all sync up and I know the hue 2 has an rgb control as a program once you get it but I don’t know how I would get this to work with the motherboard and cpu cooler rgb as well. If someone could give some advice and options on what to do that would be greatly appreciated. I am quite new to pcs but I have done a lot of research into these things and how to build a pc but hopefully when I get to building it, some places will be open for me to learn how to build it there. Thanks guys! (I have already upgraded the graphics card)