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  1. Its was a gtx 770 to and rx 570. And I tried ddu and it didn't work. I have also factory reset my computer which would've gotten rid of any old drivers.
  2. My dad got me this new PC over Christmas and stuff because I was really getting into build computers. After I built it I changed out the GPU hoping for better performance. But now something with the GPU switching I think has made my PC unstable. The GPU I upgraded to is an RX 570. And the GPU I had in my system before was a gtx 7070 from evga. Any way I tried to fix the problem which was originally just Rainbow Six Siege freezing and not crashing. So I followed a guide on how to fix it and it told me to turn off windows game mode. After that attempt it worked for a little but now my PC blue screens. Anyway Here my PC specs list. Ryzen 5 2600 6 core 12 thread processor Asrock B450m-HDV R.40 RX 570 8 GB of Viper Gaming Ram 750 watt Rosewill 80 plus gold PSU Please Help me fix this problem its so annoying. I forgot to add this but the bsod is KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDELED