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  1. Haha yeah gotta thank LTT for showing me how to u abuse Google
  2. And that btw to the first person that commented this is the 1600 af chip made sure when you commented haha cause I was gonna swear up and down that's what it was supposed to be lol
  3. Thank you guys so I will go will a Samsung 970 Evo500 gig instead and no I have a 10 tb hard drive 7200rpm can't remember the brand think Seagate cause each flac song in those apps is about 20ishGB in HIFI
  4. Hey guys so I'm new to pc building and I'm trying to build a computer for some gaming on the side but able to run FL Studio and Ableton as well? Just need some feedback if this computer would be able to do that?

    Screenshot_20200330-045821_Amazon Shopping.jpg

    1. mbntr


      It shoud be able to do that just fine, the 1660 Super is a great gpu and the 1600 is pretty decent, although i would have preferred a 1600AF (better IPC and built on the 12nm architecture)

  5. Just wondering if these parts would make a 1080p gaming monster with enough CPU power to run FL studio and all the plugins (music making software and ports). Ment to be budget but upgradable need to be up and running soon so basically wondering what to expect