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  1. Main display is always connected to RTX2080. Secondary is either to integrated or RTX Didn't tried DDU but I formated my disks today and did clean install so I guess I will find out. No I didn't lower my resolution, neither I intend to. Yes it is 144hz as I said is 27" Omen by HP, OC 165hz but I am using only 144hz Well I have dual monitor setup for that purpose.
  2. ? RTX2080 qualify as dedicated i believe
  3. tested 2x Display, 1x display and 1x hdmi. Display is always connected to main. My integrated GPU is only hdmi so I teste integrated with hdmi only.
  4. Yup. G-sync itself works but you can see stutters. If I change tabs on my browser so there is no video, the frames are smooth
  5. Hi all, I have issue for some time with g-sync dual monitor setup. I have RTX2080 with 144hz main display (HP by omen 27'') and secondary display 28'' ultrawide LG 60hz. As it's known, Gsync monitor tends to stutter if you watch YT/twitch on secondary monitor. I tried to use integrated GPU as workaround - it worked once, but not working anymore and I am honestly tired of it. Tested several drivers, configured nvidia to maximum performance, in games (CoD MW) I set everything to lowest with 1440p resolution. I have other GPU ATI which would be hassle to put in and make work. Do you think it could work? Any other ideas? My spec: CPU: i7-8700k GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 AORUS 8GB RAM: Viper RGB Series 16GB KIT DDR4 3600Mhz CL16 DDR4 MB: GIGABYTE AORUS Z370-Ultra Gaming 2.0