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  1. Good news, I fixed the problem i took the GPU out gave the bit that plugs into the pcie a clean with alcohol shoved it back in there and performance is back to normal, cheers for everybodys help. I just wish I did it eailer
  2. installed windows 10 1809 on a completely fresh hard drive and newest nvidia drivers and still the same result in unigine heaven, games are also still the same.
  3. I tested unigine valley and got result of 82fps with everything on ultra (the benchmark results didn't save) Which i don't think is very good, other people that have worse cpu/GPU are getting more.
  4. Yeah I've had to do that once or twice but never touched the other hard drives which have 2Tb of games on it I'm crossing my fingers that everything works like normal again on this new install of windows if not I'm probably going to the sell the damn thing haha
  5. Yeah it's a weird issue some games seem affected but others don't which is why I think it's a bigger issue than just the game, I really don't know I'm just hoping it's not a hardware issue
  6. I'm going install an older version of windows 10 (1809) on a different hard drive and test some games then
  7. 1: GTA V, Destiny 2, battlefield V, Assassin's creed unity are just some titles I tested all of which have lower fps. destiny 2 went from 100+ to about 30-40, GTA V isn't even playable getting about 20 fps, battlefield V went from 80-90+ to about 40-50, ACU is lower can't remember exactly how much lower but is low for the hardware 50-60 2: Yes 3: it was now it's not didn't make a difference 5:refer to answer 1 but something acceptable for the hardware Cheers How ever some games haven't changed like Witcher 3 and csgo
  8. The reason I installed older ones was because the newer one kept crashing however today I completely uninstalled them (using DDU) and downloaded the lasted driver and haven't had a crash yet but still have pretty bad fps nothing has changed there. Temps are good, cpu is always under 50c gpu is about 65c never had a problem temperatures and thermal throttling
  9. Just on the cpu with is at 4.4ghz from 3.9ghz
  10. So it all started when I was playing destiny 2 after a multiplayer match the game froze and the PC crashed which I later found out in windows event viewer that it was my gpu driver that stopped responding, it's happend a few times since. I uninstalled my gpu drivers and installed olders ones which seemed to fix the problem (I think). however playing destiny 2 again my fps has gone down to about 20-30 from 100+, grand theft Auto has also taken a hit getting about the same fps. I'm not sure what happend since that crash but I can't work it out, i reinstalled windows 10 with keeping my files and nothing changed. Staring to think my gpu might on its way out. Any help is appreciated cheers. I5 6600k @ 4.4ghz 16gb Kingston hyperx fury ram MSI GeForce GTX 1070ti Running windows 10 750w fractal design Edison M Psu