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  1. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on my issue! Specs: HP Envy Computer Upgraded the GPU back when it first came out: Reference RX580 8GB i7 3770 12GB Ram Factory HP 460 watt power supply Please look at video below to see exactly what i'm talking about. It's been happening for a while now but on and off for short times barely noticed it. But recently it's been happening more and more. Even started to affect games, random black squares will appear then disappear a second later, and while watching videos. GPU has never over heated. Been running a modified fan curve from day 1 since I got it through MSI Afterburner to keep the card even cooler. Took GPU out the other week to clean the dust out. To my surprise there was next to no dust build up. BUT issue was happening before removal of GPU for cleaning. I completely uninstalled every ounce of display drivers and installed new ones. No difference. Am I missing something? I've read some other posts on this, bad gpu, bad power supply? IMG_4159.MP4