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  1. My Bother-in-law has a dying Mac mini and Macbook pro (I think). He bought a New iPad pro about 6 months ago. He's wanting to buy an external hard drive to dump all his photos and videos onto from those two devices. Then have the ability to pull any of those photos/videos onto the iPad Pro for editing. Probably need at least 4TB of storage maybe more. I've been looking at the WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive or the LaCie RuggedUSB-c portable HDD. Reviews aren't great for either one on amazon and not seeing allot of information on using them with an iPad Pro and a Mac mini. From what I can see the WD will need to be formatted to Apple for it to work, or use it with a RAVpower adapter. I've also wonder about a Synology diskstation NAS so he could have a raid setup for redundant backups. But not sure that would work or be easy to use for pulling photos/videos on and off an iPad Pro for editing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Teknogroovin