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  1. Just to clarify I know that for cpu motherboard I should use proper cable (left one) and for gpu the PCIe one (the one on the right). Still if I connect only 1x 8pin cpu to my mobo will this be enough? Im running a ryzen 3900x cpu
  2. Hey guys, Im currently building a PC for the 1st time on my own and I'm in a bit of a pickle, so on my motherboard I got 2x 8 pin connector and same thing on my gpu but I got only 3x "6+2 PCIe & 4+4 CPU" slots. Is that right? should I connect only 1 of the motherboard connectors? PS. Extra newbie just in case question, those 3 connectors are the same right? just asking because it concerned me that the left one is separated from the others :P Thanks for help in advance!