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  1. What are your GPU temps?
  2. Try installing older drivers. Also don't leave your laptop charging when it's already on 100%.
  3. Did you get any error message or did it just shut down?
  4. Personally, I would go for a cheaper case, 8GB of RAM and Quad-Core CPU (maybe R3 1200). But that will be maybe a little over the budget.
  5. I mean, I would go for the used market. Maybe if you will give us some links for Filipino sites with used goods, we could help you out better.
  6. This might help. 0x80073CFE will occur if the package repository is corrupted. Maybe try setting up a different account and downloading the apps on there. It worked for the guy from that link so it may work for you aswell. If not, try other methods from that post.
  7. What kind of work do you mean exactly? E-mail, web surfing, 3D modeling, ...?
  8. What kind of error did you get? There plenty errors when it comes to Windows.
  9. Hey, I would like to have a file/USB flash drive for recovering my ZIP files in case of a forgotten password. I used PeaZip (similar to 7-zip but works on Linux) but that didn't work as I had hoped. I used the keyfile option and I thought it would work as something like a recovery file but no, to unzip the file I needed both the password and the keyfile. Any suggestions for programs that require only either the keyfile or the password? Screenshot from Windows but hey, who cares. Thanks in advance