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  1. So weird how it just died when installing the new PSU. I literally just bought the ram last week too from a local shop lol I’ll go back there tomorrow and see if they can test it/replace it.
  2. SOLVED.. sorta I removed one of the ram sticks, and it works perfectly now. I have no idea how one of my sticks of ram would of been damaged installing a new psu? Or maybe it’s the ram slot. It’s working now so I’ll test different ram slots/swapping out the stick tomorrow lol. thanks everyone
  3. And now back to the asus screen again but it’s frozen here. Won’t let me enter bios or anything. Been on this screen for a few minutes now.
  4. Annnddd we are back to not booting at all. Just powers on, fans running but no display signal and no power to USB devices. Even tried taking out the GPU and connecting directly to mobo since I have integrated graphics
  5. Ok so it booted to windows but i got these 2 different errors. See photos. It’s now attempting windows automatic repair
  6. That’s what I meant, sorry. 4+4. I’m starting over from scratch on everything right now and resetting the bios. I’ll Keep ya posted lol
  7. Ok here’s a question. On this new PSU there are 2 8pin connectors. One is completely on its own cable, and the other is a 6+2 and then another 6 pin on that. i plugged the standalone 8pin into the mobo power and the 6pin into the GPU... I assumed that should be correct?
  8. Oh I see what you mean. I tried both. Did you see my edit on original post?
  9. Yes all cables are plugged in. I triple checked.
  10. EDIT: so literally right after I posted this, I tried rebooting again and it booted up... but only goes to the ASUS boot screen then just stays there. So I was installing a new PSU today (just going from an old/unreliable 350w to an EVGA 400w) and upon finishing everything, I go to boot up the PC and the fans and whatnot come on, but no picture and no power to my USB devices or anything. I try rebooting/installing the old PSU again, double checking connnections, etc and just nothing. Like I said, fans come on the the LED on the mobo comes on, but display signal and no power to USB devices. My specs ryzen 3 3200g asus prime b540 gtx 1650 super 2x8g ballistix ram
  11. Hey guys, I've tried doing a search but can't seem to find a straight answer. Basically I just want to record my gameplay to make youtube videos and also have a facecam/overlay so I'm using OBS to record. I also use Premiere Pro to edit... OBS defaults to MKV format but that's not supported by Premiere Pro, and I don't want to have to convert hours of footage every day lol. What settings would you suggest using in OBS? Mp4? Mov? what encoding? etc.. I've tried a few things but either have audio problems, or get a video with a ton of artifacts, etc FYI im running a Ryzen 3 3200G and GTX 1650 Super Thanks
  12. Hey guys, so im setting up a gaming PC and got a condenser mic/phantom power etc. It sounds like absolute garbage. Extremely quiet, and trying to boost it at all just produces a ton of noise. I've done all the troubleshooting, watched youtube videos of the same mic, and I know something isn't adding up. So i opened up my XLR cable to test it with a volt meter/ohm meter... and I think the cable is wired wrong? It was a cheap cable on amazon. Probably from china. This is a photo of the female end, that plugs into the mic. Using my volt meter, if i touch the negative to Pin #1, I can touch the positive to either Pin #2 OR #3, and both give me 48v and around 35-50ohms resistance. Shouldn't only one of those pins be delivering power? The wiring diagrams I've found online say #2 should be Positive and #3 should be negative, and #1 is ground. With everything going on in the world right now i'd rather not go out and by a new cable... lol I can just re-solder this one. I just need a second opinion. Thanks!!! (PS the pins are labeled thats how i know which is 1, 2 and 3)