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  1. On 4/20/2020 at 12:24 PM, QuaKe5943 said:

    You say you've always wanted to use a 'good voice assistant'. Google assistant is the best thing you can use. Siri isn't as good.

    well but siri is just smoother as far as i know. I can't use GA with my screen off, sometimes it doesn't open certain apps and the reminders don't work at all. Those things don't happen with siri, plus it also gives you a ton of customization with the shortcuts app.

  2. Just now, freeagent said:

    I got my XS Max 256 certified preowned from my carrier, it was a brand new phone.. but half the price it retailed for. It gives my old 7 a good hard spank in every possible way.. I only mention it just in case you can find a similar deal.

    Well that's a steal, but i have my concerns with pre owened devices, because you don't know if or what parts have been replaced. Often such devices have a worse battery life than new ones. 

  3. Just now, EL02 said:

    If you're getting the iphone just because it seems more durable it doesnt make any sense. Other than hardware failures, what are you liking more on iphones than android phones? I think that the one plus 7 pro would suit you better since you wouldnt be changing OS.

    Not at all. I value the Interface, the camera, and the smoothness much more than the build quality. Those are my main reasons for switching.

  4. Just now, DrHeadbump said:

    If I was you I would wait until Q3/Q4 when the new iPhone are released and stores need to sell out old stock. One more reason the wait is to see if the new phone is worth the price. They might add some that you really like but you bought a last year phone and can't switch. 


    And on the build quality yes Apple has improved the build quality but I still won't trust them when it comes to repairing the device at the Apple Store. They probubly charge you a ridiculous price. Samsung is a little better on the price but they are still expensive.


    But that's just me 😃

    Good thinking!
    Are there any release dates or speculations given at the moment? 

  5. Hey guys, i need your opinion to help me make a decision!

    So about 2 and a half years ago i bought a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. I already owned several Samsung phones before, but they all eventually broke down after a few years. However, recently a colleague awoke my interest in the iPhone Xs.
    He told me that he was extremely pleased with it, so i did a bit more research and i realized how well engineered it is. The whole interaction with the phone seems very smooth, thanks to the good processor and ios 13. I also was stoked by all the new siri functions (mainly the shortcuts app), because i always wanted to use a good voice assistant on my phone. I don't need to say much about the camera, it's just great! Lastly the build quality is excellent, too. Obviously the iPhone Xs comes with a hefty price tag, wich was, until now, my reason not to buy it. But when i recently looked it up online, i found a new 256GB version for "only" 760$. Now, while still being relative expensive, that is a price i would be willing to pay.
    On the other hand: My current phone is still working. Ok, it has a minor crack on the top, the battery life has gone down and as time went on it became more prone of crashing. But it works :D

    Ok, now that everything has been said, i am now asking you for advice! Is it woth to upgrade? Every answer is much appreciated!