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  1. Thank you, I bookmarked the price picker, and that sounds like a fairly decent upgrade if I can't find used parts cheaper.
  2. Hi, I'm new here and wondering what video card or other low priced upgrades I could do to my box, I have a total budget of $200. My specs, CPU: amd fx-6350 Graphic: GTX750Ti Ram: 2X 8gb ddr3 pc3-10700 (gskill) 2x 4GB ddr3 pc3 12800 (gskill) MB: Gigabyte 970a-dp3 AM3+ 750 watt psu, but can have access to up to an 800 watt I'm thinking either updating the graphics card or CUP, leaning twards the GC since it's the bottle neck. I know my RAM is throttled to the slower pair but DDR3 is a bit pricy and I'm fine with the slower speeds, I'm not looking for miracles but I would like to run Cities Skylines with some decent settings and Fallout: New Vegas On ultra if possible. Thank you very much.