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  1. No it wont, Running V-Sync or adaptive vertical sync will pair your monitor and gpu together to sync each frame. Even without running v-sync you would only maybe run into screen tearing that you probably wont even notice.
  2. I seem to have very low network utilization as you can see. Whats the fix for this? Thanks
  3. I'm jealous you guys are even getting into games. Despite having an extremely good connection that can handle 4k60fps no problem, I immediately get kicked due to a spotty connection before I can even log into steam. The connection test always checks out fine. I Disabled all firewalls and anti-virus software. Tried over wifi and ethernet
  4. This idea started when my q9650 started to become a major bottleneck. When I was ordering A new CPU and motherboard i decided to try and push it to stupid limits because why not. I used a specialty automotive anti-freeze, and silica gel paired with tons of dehumidified airflow. I believe I achieved 5.2ghz. Fun times
  5. I live in North Dakota where subzero temperatures are a regular thing in the winter. Am i the only one who routed their radiator outside my window for -10F ambient temps? It works incredibly well. Thought this would be a fun discussion. Thanks guys.