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  1. if this helps, right before driver crashes i can see the, 100% GPU Utilization on Hwinfo and 100% GPU D3D Usage
  2. ay np, every bad experience is a lesson to take.
  3. Yea seller was like 300 km and the deal was really good, but if the GPU aint working then it's still waste of money.
  4. Well i did research on seller, and he had usual items, no gpus sold in his past and i will try those now.
  5. yea I already tested it on different PC and still same stuff, well it's a lesson to opt more for new gpus than used ones.
  6. Temps are in 40-55 celsius range, i already repasted it.
  7. Soo, i bought used Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X OC, It works fine, that is until you install drivers and restart the PC, After the "Welcome" Screen on Windows 7, the driver constantly crashes and then the PC either bluescreens to (THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE) or just restarts, from what i can see the Usage LEDs go from 1 diode to 8 diodes and then to 1 diode, I have managed to get to desktop by creating new user acc, logged into it and i didnt get BSOD neither crash, but if i launch anything that uses GPU, driver crashes. CPU : FX-8350 , Mobo : GA-970A-DS3 , PSU : Silentumpc Vero M2 600W (Silentumpc is quite popular brand in here) , RAM : 4x4 GB 1333 MHz. I tried soo far: - Reflash the BIOS to original one - Installed old and new drivers (everytime cleared with DDU) - Tried 700W PSU - Ran Ubuntu 19.10 (it boots but after loading shows artifacts on whole screen), Ran Windows 10 - Ran it on PCIe x16 (working as x4) - Ran 640x480 mode - Did clean reinstall of Windows 7 - Overclocked and Underclocked it - Ran Video Memory Stress Test (it didnt actually crash the driver, but Furmark does) - Repasted it (the chip looks good, and it's certainly an HBM, 2 memory chips on one side and 2 memory chips on the other side of GPU Chip) - I tried running the 750Ti, it works perfectly fine I'm running out of ideas.