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  1. The iCue H100i RGB PRO XT manual. I think it just came out a month or so ago. I'm definitely flipping the fans tomorrow, to see if that helps.
  2. They're glued in place, but I could easily rip them off. I'm hesitant to do that though, since they do get a decent amount of dust on them, and the actual chassis only has a dust cover on the bottom.... where there's no air flow... because of the shroud. I literally only bought the case because it was THE ONLY CASE they sold at Fry's that actually supported more than like two 3.5" bays. (and funny enough, LTT started running ads for the case the next week) Really? That's pretty surprising, the Corsair h100i manual emphasized a few times that they recommended using it as intake, and I just copied the configuration they had in the diagram. My last closed loop setup was set up as exhaust, but I did that so it would be easier to dust. I wasn't really thinking about airflow on that build, because I was using an old HAF case, so airflow was never an issue.
  3. Can I just flip the radiator fans? or do I need to also put them on the other side of the radiator?
  4. Both the cpu and GPU are pushing past 90 under sustained full load. Before using this cooler, I was barely hitting 80.
  5. I installed a closed loop water cooler in the top of my case(iQue h100i in a ThermalTake A500 ), and ever since, my components are baking. I think, because the top and front panel are covered in metal, and the frame beneath it is covered in metal mesh, the radiator isn't sucking in the air from outside the case, and is mostly just recycling the case air. I'm considering taping the entire top of the case chassis to provide a seal, so the only airflow that can occur is through the cpu radiator. Is this a stupid Idea, or do I just need to rearrange my setup?