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  1. I currently play on a laptop with an gtx 1050 that doesn't even run any games properly+ the laptop is slowly dying and running on its last legs . Even at low resolution. So I was going for a first pc build. So I'm completely getting a new pc. and I'd like to stream so an rtx 2070 super would be good?
  2. Will be compatible with b450 mobos. I'm in need of a motherboard as im currently building a computer. I'm pairing it with a ryzen 5 3600 or a ryzen 7. Should I stick with https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V9L4RT6?tag=pcp0f-21&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1 or go for an X570 mobo or go for the new gen motherboards when they come out?
  3. Yashiees


    90-100 on low/medium settings edit:
  4. In the youtube comment section (not a place where i should be getting my infomation from) "that when the new graphic card series come out, the 20 Series will just not be very good, and that nvidia just made the 20 series as a test for ray tracing and the 30 series will be top notch for ray tracing and better fps" that person said something like this as i could remember from watching the video from my iPhone. It just makes me kinda conflicted I was going for an rtx 2070 Super for £500 Should I wait for the 30 series and get a 3000 card? .
  5. Donate? I'm not sure anyone would do that (but if they donated it for free they're a one in a kind) But if you would want some cheap/entry level pc that can handle graphic designing and video editing and also (abit of gaming) you should check on amazon. Or you could just configure a computer for yourself and buy parts and you could get a cheap computer! Youtube will help you alot.
  6. i was gonna go for an rtx 2070 super, but if theres a cheaper rtx 2080 please link me!
  7. 372 pounds for an rtx 2080? is that real?
  8. I would think the vengence LPX would be the best value for an amd build.
  9. shall i stay with a b450 as amd recently announced it will have compatibility with b450/x570 mobos?
  10. will the new b550 work for the new gen ryzen cpus that r coming out soon?
  11. I might place a ryzen 5 3600 with it, will the mobo be cheaper later on? (so i can upgrade my cpu in the up-coming years)
  12. im going for the rtx 2070 super because of the streaming and gaming. I've been told 5700XT isnt as good as the nvenc stuff on nvidia
  13. I'm willing to wait awhile, i just dont want the prices going up like what happend with the gtx 1080 (or i may be wrong please correct me)
  14. Summing it up, just a ryzen 5 3600 cpu with an rtx 2070 super. Shall I wait for the new stuff to arrive making the old series cheaper? then buying parts?
  15. when the 4th gen comes out, which 3rd gen cpu to look out for when the prices drop?