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  1. How could i remap keys in a .bat file, for example when a user presses A a B appears and with other keys as well. And how would i be able to undo it via a .bat file (it's for a prank)
  2. How would i create a custom keyboard shortcut (like win+ctrl+r to open remote desktop) in a .bat file? I'm planning on putting the bat files on a USB stick so i can set the shortcuts up in seconds on all my windows devices.
  3. So, I'm looking for a 13.5-13 inch monitor that's affordable, isn't all too thick and can connect via HDMI or USB-C. I plan to clip this monitor to my laptop like this: Any suggestions?
  4. So, i can install linux to a usb key but the only option i get when doing it manual partitioning, does anyone know what partitions i should make, what mount points etc. If so please comment down below, thanks!
  5. So, i wanna install linux on an USB key but i only have one USB key with 32gb (The one i wanna install it on) and another USB key with 1.8gb (The one i want to use as bootable media), but sadly my bootable media isn't big enough to fit the ubuntu installer BUT it is large enough for a lubuntu installer. Can i upgrade from lubuntu to ubuntu when i have fully installed lubuntu? Or could i install an older version of ubuntu and upgrade from there (Although i think this will take quite a bit longer to do)?
  6. Is there any good tutorial/guide out there for making a USB key with linux installed on it? The ones i've seen i either don't understand or they just don't work.
  7. Is there a big difference between using a live USB key with persistence and fully installing a distro on the USB key?
  8. Only one partition, but the partition with the / mount point is ext4 and there is another partition that's fat32, if i remember correctly the mount partition of that one is /USB_NAME
  9. Alright so, I just spent my whole day troubleshooting trying to make a USB stick with Linux on it and I finally got it to work, or I thought. I used an old laptop with 4gb of ram to set it up, everything went well and I got Ubuntu to work. I restarted, went to the boot menu, selected my USB and successfully booted into Linux. So I'm like yay finally it works but nah. I plug it in to my surface book 2 (8g ram, gtx 1050, Intel i7), go to the uefi and boot from USB, and it fails and It just goes into windows. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. I'd say like €400 and i live in the Netherlands
  11. So, my parents are divorced and thus i don't wanna build a gaming PC i can only use every other week. So what I've decided to do is buy a used gaming laptop. Does anyone know a gaming laptop with a good graphics card, the trackpad doesnt matter, the keyboard doens't matter, the battery doesn't matter and if the screen has good color accuracy also doesn't matter. What i'm looking for is a used gaming laptop with a good graphics card that can play modern AAA games and a decent processor and isn't extremely loud, the rest doesn't matter since i'm gonna be using it as a PC and not a laptop since i already have one and i'm hooking it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse anyway. Any suggestions?
  12. Yes i have, I recently got a new laptop for school, the surface book 2 (refurbished) for about 800 dollars, it's has a gtx 1050 but it doesn't support thunderbolt /: The gtx 1050 just isn't powerful enough for some of the games i would like to play. And even if it did support thunderbolt an enclosure alone is like 200-300 dollars and i'm pretty sure that's excluding the gpu
  13. My main issue is the case, i think i'm just going to go for a case without handles and put a strap handle on it to carry it around.
  14. Does anyone know a budget PC case that supports ATX motherboards and has a handle?