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Everything posted by BrushyYT

  1. I fixed it, I changed my wallpaper and it tunes out that windows was changing the background to solid black colour.
  2. well I would recommend dowloanding a fresh iso file of win 10 of microsofts webside - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
  3. where did you buy the cpu?
  4. Do you have a antivirus other than win defender? @Breakingseth
  5. I think it might be the cable or the graphics card...
  6. This super annoying bug in windows makes my wallpaper be blank and then back to my original wallpaper.
  7. Did you install DirectX12? also you can change the power plan also change some setting in the graphics card drivers and go change some settings in registry files of windows
  8. No get an 1000 watt PSU
  9. try changing some thing in the bios (f12 or delete on startup)
  10. I would get 2x 8gb of ram. Other is good I would buy that.
  11. Are you saying RTX 2060 super/2070? If I would be you I would pick RTX 2070 super because there will not be any lag while you have RTX on DO NOT SWITCH TO AMD PLZ
  12. is your router near a window/sun
  13. if you can try turning down the voltage.
  14. Go into your bios (f12 or delete on bootup) and change your rpm to an higher one (Will get noisy but you will get used to it)
  15. No your router shouldn't be crashing because of an vpn but it might be over heating.
  16. That is basicly what i said @Saksham
  17. Option 1: Go into your bios and see your RPM. Option 2: Clean out your fans.
  18. Enter your Comcast.net email address (or username) and password. Enter a friendly name for the device that you are signing in with.