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  1. ok, thank you, so much. I´ll make some test tomorrow.
  2. Restaurant router its a Mikrotik (don´t remember model), but I know it has an static mikrotik propietary IP. and almost sure it works with PPTP. Home router is an Asus RT-AC66U, that now it also supports PPTP. But no Static IP, just DDNS. I think both also support OpenVPN. Not sure about actual differences, long ago since my last VPN configuration. Any suggestion?.
  3. all systems running W10, and NAS servers linux.
  4. Hi there good people of LTT and followers. I thinking about that a lot for the last year. We have some good bargain workstations and our restaurant, as an entushiast and ex-employed of video/after effects/3D. I use to work with all the resources of my home, but always think of those 32 Xeon extra cores doing nothing at restaurant 24/7. This week I access remotelly to them to use them for folding@home. So my question is. Which will be the best option to set them under my LAN? VPN and something like teamviewer to remote access and launch rendering queue?. I have simetrical 600Mb on both locations, so don't think bandwith its a problem. Thanks In advance.